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A mother always knows best for her baby. When it comes to selecting the best performing video baby monitors, she will always seek for quality and performance. To make things easier for a working mom who doesn’t have the luxury of time to choose among the vast array of baby monitors, here are the best quality video baby monitors she can consider:
Summer Infant Two-room scanning baby video monitor. Most video baby monitors only allow one child to be monitored. What happens if you have twins? Summer Infant came up with a video baby monitor where there are two monitors with one receiver. The receiver will show alternate images of the two children in the two different rooms. The images will be displayed alternately every five seconds. The receiver may not be as portable as that of a single-monitor device but you can clearly see the images of your two children in a TV screen size receiver.
Safety First Color View Video Baby Monitor-When most video baby monitors can only be mounted on a table top or desk, Safety First video baby monitor can be mounted on crib rails, walls, and tabletops. This makes it more convenient for moms to move around the baby’s crib or bed. With this video baby monitor, she can be sure of getting accurate mage of her child no matter which part of the room he is currently located. Its picture is also reasonably clear even at night.
Mobicam Color Video Baby Monitor-This video baby monitor is cheaper compared to other video baby monitors. Its compact camera is easy to place in a nursery and its receiver is lightweight which makes it handy. It has night vision feature to make you see your baby’s image even at night and can attached to the TV for a bigger screen viewing.
BébéSounds Flat Panel Color Video and Sound Monitor-Finally, here is a video baby monitor where you can have a screen size that’s just enough to get a full view of your baby and that includes the vision-impaired grandparents. It also has clearer reception compared to other video baby monitors where there are lively colors during daytime and exceptional reception during the night. This video baby monitor can take the place of a night light because of the soft light that emanates from it and fills the entire room.
Video baby monitors are not merely a trend. Most mothers have found it to be convenient and a valuable child-rearing device. If you’re a mother or a mother-to-be, It’s high time you chose the right video baby monitor now.

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