Get Your Lost Customers Back

A satisfied customer will inform 4 or 5 person about a satisfying brand experience. On the other hand, 7 to 13 people will hear about it when you deliver a poor experience on them. A study says: Unhappy customers will continue to voice out their dissatisfaction for up to 23 years.


Say, “I’m sorry,” and take ownership of a mistake, even if it’s because of supplier or other problems. Help the customer to determine an appropriate remedy to uncover less costly solutions. Be sure that the resolution should not only address a customer’s direct loss but also to compensate it. Follow-up, determine whether the customer has received the promised treatment, and, more important, how they feel about it.

2. CSR (Customer Service Representative) INTENSIVE TRAINING

Increasing number of lost customers means that that company must upgrade the skills of their CSR. Employees must understand the importance of customer retention.


Customers should be easily able to complain via email, letter or even well-publicized hot lines.


Systems should streamline complaint acceptance, and generate complaint-based reports. One giant insurance company scans every complaint letter into its database. Causes of the complaint are analyzed, and examined to avoid similar complaints in the future. Initiate that every departments should be accountable for their actions.

After getting back your lost customers, make sure to retain them by following these rules:

GIVE WHAT YOU PROMISED: A web hosting company, for example, who promise high web space, low costs and lot of exaggerations but cannot fulfill most of them. A customer may sign once but he won’t think of choosing the same service again. Advertise only the features you can offer. Do not exaggerate the features you cannot provide. You may not be able to offer all the services, but the customer will be happy if you give what you have promised.

PERSONALISE: Make the customer realize he is special, by offering small discounts or incentives while renewing or give him additional features etc. You may offer something that may require some expenses now, but will result in substantial profits later for them. Let the customer know you need him, as well as he needs you.

INTERACT: Make sure the customer is satisfied by asking his feedback, suggestions, comments etc on your services once in 2-3 months (but not frequently, you may annoy them). He may be facing certain difficulties which you did not know of or he may have certain helpful advice. You may or may not implement his advice, but you’re listening patiently may increase your value in the view of customer. If you are an outsourcing company, you may ask how the project is going with his virtual assistant or even send a birthday greeting on his birthday.

QUICK SERVICE: The most critical aspect, which may gain or lose your customer. If customer has a problem, troubleshoot it fast. If you let the problem pending or do not pay attention, you may easily lose a customer. Take every effort to solve the problem, if you can’t, take outside help, but do not give up on problem easily. This is the most common problem while dumping a service.

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