Give your Face a Fresher more Natural Look!

Are you tired of using make-up that feels heavy on your face? Commercial makeup, liquid and powder alike, can feel heavy and look like it is caked on so much you could make a fingerprint on your face. I personally have stayed away from products like foundations, because of the way they felt on my face. However, today mineral makeup cosmetics is booming and making a huge impression on how women wear their makeup.

Mineral cosmetics are made from all natural, finely ground natural resources. It contains no chemicals, dyes or added preservatives. It comes in powder forms and is designed to be applied using a makeup brush. Mineral makeup goes on light and feels weightless on the skin.

Since mineral makeup is made from all natural material, it acts as an anti-inflammatory substance and cannot be contaminated as easily with harmful bacteria, unlike other commercial makeup brands. This type of makeup is anti-pore clogging therefore, ideal for any woman who has extra sensitive skin, or prone to acne, rosacea, and eczema. It also acts as a natural SPF, which is why demonologists recommend using mineral makeup to their patients.

The best and most popular type of mineral makeup used is foundation. Foundation works as the base of a woman’s makeup therefore is most important step in applying makeup. As I stated previously, I stayed away from foundations, because I could not stand the way they made my face feel heavy and oily. I thought that since I was lucky enough to have clear skin, I could get away with not using foundation.

However, fact is foundation brings color to our face, covers up lines and evens out even the clearest of skin. The first time I used natural mineral makeup, I was pleasantly surprised how fresh and natural it made my face look. After using mineral foundation I began using mineral blush as well. I will never go back to using face makeup with chemicals. The mineral brands don’t make my face feel oily or heavy and last just as long as another chemical filled brands.

What are you waiting for? Go pick yourself up some mineral makeup and say good bye to those chemical and dyed products!

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