Cheap Perfume and where to Buy

If you are looking to buy perfume or cologne and have your heart set on the latest designer name, Celebrity Scents or just a really expensive good quality branded perfume, the result is always the same unless you shop around you are going to have to pay a lot of money for this.

Whatever you choose do not buy from a department store as they tend to sell it at price and you will pay dearly for this, you can try stores that solely sell perfumes as they will be cheaper than the department store and will have a large range of perfumes and Cologne and sales are normally very good. If you have a perfume outlet near you there could be a saving of up to 70% but more likely around the 30% is more normal. If not check to see where you’re nearest one is and if it is nearby it might be worth checking it out, but if you have to go far chances are it won’t be worth it if you can’t walk to it.

Discount Code Stores are also a good place to buy like Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx, but test it to make sure it is what you are after and isn’t a cheap reproduction and make sure you are buying a full bottle as these bottles don’t tend to be kept behind the counter and as it can be expensive.

But the best place to Buy Perfume is online as large stores can send out items straight from a warehouse or the supplier without the costs normally incurred to keep it in store. There are lots of stores that will promise you all these expensive perfumes but when you receive them they smell cheap and are not what you ordered so try to buy from a known store that their reputation is a bit more questionable. Most online stores will reward you for buying more than one item so always check to see what offers they have on as even if it is buy 1 get 2nd half price you will still be saving in the long run.

Discount Code Sites are one of the best places you can check as sites like Discount Code Hunter always has Discount Codes for perfume for places like Cheap Smells, Boots, Feel Unique and Perfume Point can save you up to 75% on your Fragrances.

If you are not sure on what perfume you are after by all means go in store and try the testers to see which one you like but wait till you get home and look online, you will be shocked at just how much the prices can drop. Another plus is that it will be sent straight to your door without all the hassle of scouring the stores for the best deal which will be nothing like the deals you can get online.

One final warning do not buy from an unknown store in case what you get is a fake as this is big business even if you are looking on eBay check out the sellers feedback to see what people are saying about the products, if they have a lot of negative feedback do not buy from them. Top sellers on eBay that have sold lots of your desired perfume and have 100% positive feedback will normally be fine.