The Best Make Up For Green Eyes

Did you know that green eyes are one of the rarest eye colors found in humans – an eye color that is actually a color and not a mutation?

Because green eyes are so rare, finding the right eye makeup to accent your green eyes may be even more rare. But do not despair, here is a quick guide to help you find suitable eye color combinations to make your already stunning-looking eyes appear quite overpowering.

To look like a pro when applying your eye makeup, understand the basic elements of eye color. This entails using a highlighter, a midtone, and an accent. Yes, this means you will usually apply at least 3 different eye shadow shades to your eyes. You will finish your look with eyeliner and plenty of mascara.

The first shade is your lightest, called the highlighter. Use this just below your brow bone, in the inner corner of your eye, and along the inner third of your eyelid (and as far as the whole eyelid -depending upon your eye shape), to brighten that area. A highlighter helps make your eye “pop”.

The second shade is darker, called the midtone. It is usually used along the crease of your eye, blending it upward toward the highlighted area.

The third shade is your darkest, called the accent. You apply this color to the outer part of the crease and along the outer upper and lower lashline. You can make your eyes look more dramatic by using more of the darkest color and applying it along the entire upper and lower lashline.

Here are some guidelines to make your green eyes look phenomenal. Use a shimmery highlighter in an off-white color. Next, use a rosy brown as your midtone. Make sure it is matte in texture. Lastly, use a dark purple as the accent and you will have captured a look that non-green eyed people can only dream about. If you use a purple eyeliner and black mascara, you are in for hearing some double “wows” and seeing others mouths drop in silent “ooohs” as you strut your stuff.

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