Make-Up Tips

You can either be a professional make-up artist or have your own list of make-up tips. It is more about complementing different aspects than a single coloring or toning or in choosing a particular brand of make-up. By trial and error, you can develop a set of skills that work for you and make the most of what you are born with.

Be discerning when you acquire your make-up kit. Don’t always go for the bigger brand names assuming that it is enough to have highly priced products. Less is more is an axiom well worth remembering. Subtle make-up that appears unaffected is the most appealing. Keep it classic and simple. It’s a choice between bold, bright colors such as blues and greens and classic shades like beiges and nudes with simple black eyeliner.

Red lipstick however, is tricky. Bright orange based red suits extremely fair complexions. Purple based reds suits darker complexions and plum colors look classier and more sophisticated. It is very important to remember not to have strong eyes with strong lips. An important and widely known beauty tip is either one or the other – eyes or lips. So when trying out the smoky eye, don’t wear too much lipstick and vice versa.
Foundation should always be a very similar shade to your skin tone. A lighter foundation can make dark skin look very artificial and powdery. When applying foundation, apply evenly and on the neck and shoulders as well so that the face tone does not contrast with the color of the neck.

Teenagers can go crazy experimenting with body glitter and bright shades of pink, blue and green. It is best to act one’s age but stay classy and understated.

Make-up should be an extension of you. Do not compromise on your personality in order to look like someone else. Stay true to yourself at all times and you will achieve your beauty. Not all women are beautiful, but there are those rare women who can carry themselves with grace and dignity. This can be aided with the right make-up techniques. Women who have mastered the art of make-up stand out in the crowd regardless of the occasion.

Make sure that the make-up beauty tips are not all made up from myths and unsubstantiated facts. You wear make-up next to your skin. Naturally, you must make sure that what you use on your body must be of the best affordable quality and the most tasteful.

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