The Domino Effect Of Undergoing A Cosmetic Procedure

The breakthrough in science and technology has brought an immense development in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Men and women nowadays enjoy the effects of being accepted as the most dreaded part of their body or physical deformities can be eradicated or corrected through special procedures employing the use of state-of-the-art equipment. How does a person’s quality of life affected by non-surgical and surgical cosmetics? What aspect does it encompass?

Psychological. Many people with inborn physical deformities and men and women who developed unwanted skin pigmentations and scars later in life regard themselves unattractive and sometimes are subjected to ridicule and banter of jokes and branded with names. With the innovations in technology such as the advent of laser, a distracting wart in the nose for example can be removed. A person who has undergone a repair of a body part such as skin resurfacing, face lift or tummy tuck for example exhibits an improved degree of self-esteem. Furthermore, many recipients of certain procedures developed an overnight self-confidence that was not achieved by several sessions of counseling.

Social. After a successful session with a cosmetic surgeon, an individual is likely to feel attractive and feels a lot better. Although some people have varied opinions with regards to artificial beauty, the most important part of it is the positive effects that it brings to the social life of a person such as forming and strengthening interpersonal relationships with both the opposite and same sex. Feeling and looking nice definitely have something to do with confidence and self-esteem especially that the media imparts the general public’s opinion on the popularized look of the 21st century that set boundaries to what is beautiful and what is not.

Job placement. Although there are laws that protect people from discrimination, business establishments in one way or another use discriminatory remarks especially in their criteria such as “pleasing personality” and height and weight requirement, in hiring personnel for certain positions. Such remarks and discrimination have empowered men and women to resort to non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures all the more like dermabrasions for a younger and clearer skin, noselifts, liposuctions to remove bulges and add curves at the right places. Even if employers or human resource department heads deny, it is evident that a certain degree of discrimination is seen such that a differently-abled worker with exemplary performance seldom occupies one of the top positions. If there may be some, the road to success is quiet difficult and challenging.

Undergoing physical improvement procedures has a domino effect to a person not only in terms of the physical aspect but encompasses the psychosocial aspect as well. Taking the big leap however requires a degree of self-retrospect as changes or improvement in physical features is paired with risks and sometimes criticisms as many still look down upon such procedures. However, in the end, it is the purpose of the procedure that matters most.

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