Good Blood Flow Circulation

Good Blood Flow Circulation

It’s quite tough to try to understand the human body, how it works and why does it sometimes get sick. It reality, it’s no rocket science. It’s doesn’t take a medical expert to explain how and what should be done to keep our body in its tip-top shape. One of the key things to understand is that our body needs blood in order to function properly. Blood carries oxygen, vitamins and minerals throughout our body. When there is interruption or poor blood circulation- even to just a small part – our body may present symptoms to let us know something’s wrong.

Good blood circulation is important in the overall bodily functions including the brain and the heart. When it comes to the heart, poor blood circulation can cause several cardiovascular diseases. One of the things that can cause an interruption or poor blood circulation is the status of the bad and good cholesterol levels inside the body. Cholesterol, contradictory to what others believe, is a much need fat for the production of hormones and other chemicals.

What’s actually causing the problem is the level of bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein and good cholesterol or high-density lipoprotein. Bad cholesterol can cause the build up of cholesterol in the inner wall of blood veins called plaque. Overtime the plaque build up narrows the normal blood flow. Good cholesterol, on the other hand, has the ability to hold on to cholesterol in its liquid state to stop any plaque build up. It can also breakdown the existing plaque build up for excretion through the liver. So there should be higher levels of good cholesterol compared to bad cholesterol.

The above conditions also apply to the brain. When there’s too high bad cholesterol levels compared to good cholesterol an individual has a much higher risk of developing stroke. Other risk factors of stroke are high blood pressure and diabetes. There may be some raised brows as to why should diabetes be a risk factor. To understand this it is important to know that diabetes is caused when insulin, the nutrient that controls the blood sugar levels, cannot be produced by the body or the cells rejects it. When this happens, the sugar or glucose can also build up as plaque.

One of the ways to promote good blood circulation is by consuming foods that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These types of food include fish, especially deep sea fish oil, dark leafy vegetables and legumes.