Heavy Rain and Flood Damage

Heavy Rain and Flood Damage

It can happen anywhere, at any time, to anybody. It can come from heavy rains, bad storms caused by global warming, hurricanes, and/or tornadoes. We have seen a lot of this on the news lately so it is wise to make sure you have a plan that you can put into effect if disaster hits you.

If you are lucky enough to know in advance that there is a possible flood coming or a bad storm on the way, there are a few things you can do to get prepare.

First move any valuable items to a safe place. Secure any items that are outside that could be damaged or may cause damage if washed away or blown around by heavy winds.
Also, ensure that you have plenty of water on hand. Bottled water may be necessary after a storm because of possible contamination of water supplies.

During the flood, do not drive through any water. Most deaths in a flood are those that involve vehicles.

Do not try to walk through a flood or cross any stream in a flood. The water may not be deep but it does not take much to sweep you off your feet.

One thing you need to do in case of flooding is to turn off your electric power. There is a main circuit breaker on the meter that can be used for this. Water is one of the best conductors there is and you do not want electricity in a house that is flooded.

Your next step is to call your insurance company, even if you don’t have flood insurance, Case being, some policies have riders on them that cover individual items. These items may be covered.

Next you need to get in touch with your local emergency office. If you don’t have the number then the police or the town hall may be able to provide that for you.

You will need a camera to take lots of pictures of the damage. Documentation is very important and could prove to be valuable information. It helps greatly if you have pictures of the house before the flood. You should consider taking these before you need them.

Next must comes the drying out process. Wet vacuums, fans and dehumidifiers will help to remove the water. It is very important to get property dried out as fast as possible. This will help prevent mold growth and damage due to wood swelling.