How Do You Fix a Depression Cold?

How Do You Fix a Depression Cold?

You know what a cold feels like physically, but can you have a similar condition without the physical attributes? My definition of a “Depression Cold” is just feeling down, out of sorts, and maybe even a little miserable, but worst of all, it hangs around and doesn’t seem to go away. Some people will never admit to having low times, others will never stop whining about it, and yet others, like you and me, are aware and want to fix it quickly. There are the usual band aid solutions such as food, alcohol and drugs, but also pleasant and effective natural remedies, that will actually re-balance your body.

Most people who have a pain condition will attend to it, to relieve their discomfort. If you are not feeling in peak performance, this is also a normal condition, that needs attending. Why not respect your body and treat it as special, as an Olympic athlete would, or simply as a temple of beauty and perfection? If you are in perfect health, you will feel good, and if you feel good, you will look beautiful. So look at your condition of imbalance as a temporary one, that you can easily fix, and that it is a matter of priority.

Firstly, the chicken or egg, which comes first story. If you are feeling down, this will decrease your white blood cell count, and hence weaken your immune system. Ongoing recent medical and scientific research data, confirms that toxic pathogens can get into your blood, unhindered by your immune system. Inflammation in the brain cells has been one common factor discovered in depressed people. So yes, depression can cause illness, and a medical condition can cause depression.

Secondly, why are we more prone to let our down state linger, before we attempt to get it fixed? I suggest that it is possibly just the way we have been conditioned by our modern society. A doctor is really only trained to medicate or operate, not to attend to people who are feeling a little out of balance. We are conditioned to only go to a doctor after we get very sick, and not to check before we feel ill. Imagine how many people would want to fly on an airliner, not knowing if it had been recently checked as safe for flying? A stethoscope and blood pressure test will not detect any readings for feeling low. So unless further diagnosis confirms you have chronic depression illness, you may only be offered vitamins, pills, or whatever. This may help and satisfy some people, but many just don’t want to take the time or trouble to get medical advice, for something that may seem trivial. If our body is giving us a few little clues that we are out of balance, we should take the hint and attend to it sooner, rather than later. A car that has low air pressure in the tyres, will give some clues such as poor steering. If you never check the air pressure, and just keep going, you can not blame anyone but yourself, for any future mishaps. Even aircraft have a physical tyre check, as one of many pre take off checks. The most precious thing in our life is our body, so why not care for and treat it with the respect it deserves? It is not up to a doctor or anyone else, but our responsibility and priority, to observe and ensure ongoing checks and maintenance, before serious problems develop.

It is a worthwhile habit to develop reading and listening to your own body. It is not wrong to admit having a depression cold, so to speak. Sometimes simple remedies such as vitamins, diet choice, and exercise may help, but there are so many to choose from. This is probably the most difficult factor, not knowing what action to immediately take. Worse still, is the possibility that it may be just a waste of time and money, if it doesn’t help. Assuming that you have already been to a g.p. or have decided not to, you are now faced with what to do yourself. Now where is that magic potion? Here it is, it is called medicinal plant oils, or essential oils.

Essential oils are very concentrated oils extracted from the steam during boiling and distillation of the roots, leaves or flowers of the plant. One special feature of these oils is that they are like the life blood of plants. They protect the plant from all toxins and pathogens, and so have similar properties and effects on us humans as well. This helps our body and immune system to regain health and balance, especially when antibiotics are not effective. Essential oils also have equally powerful emotional properties, and so have the dual benefit of helping to balance our health physically and emotionally.

They have been effectively used for centuries, so there is no further proof really needed as to their efficacy. In early days they were only available and affordable to the rich or famous. Now, of course, they are readily available. Ongoing scientific tests continue, mainly to verify medical and physical properties and applications.

I will mention three oils that have profound healing and rejuvenation properties. I have used them with a broad range of clients, from young children, depressed mothers, and even drug addicts. The first essential oil is called Alpinia Zerumbet, which comes from a rare ginger plant in the Amazon jungle. It has very powerful calming and rejuvenation properties, used locally in the Amazon for hysteria and emotional disturbance. University tests claim it is almost as strong as heroin, without actually acting on opiod receptors, and being non reversible to neutralising tests. The second oil, especially if there is difficulty with getting supplies of Alpinia, is Benzoin essential oil, which is even more deeply calming. It is very fragrant and easy to rub in a few drops any where you desire, to give you an immediate emotional lift. There are no side effects such as from alcohol or drugs, but just a deep, neutralising calmness. There is a third unusual, but powerful oil, that was rubbed on to Jesus by Mary Magdalene, at the last supper. It is called Spikenard. So for the curious or experimental types, this oil is also deeply calming and emotion releasing, at a more spiritual level.

You now have three possible essential plant oils to choose from, to help relieve your depression cold. I have selected these as being the most powerful and effective, despite them not often mentioned in aromatherapy textbooks. Keep a small bottle of one of them in your first aid kit, or handbag. Just a few drops on the inside of your wrist might be all you need to help regain your emotional balance.