How to clean your teddy bear

Teddy beards are an instant favorite with the children. Teddy bears once brought into the house are almost impossible to throw away or give away. Not only are they cute and attractive but they are stuffed and comforting. Teddy bears are a guaranteed smile bringer to the face of a child. Once in the house a teddy bear becomes a most prized possession. However teddy bears are subjected to dirt and become dirty very soon. Since there are in such close contact with your children it is important that they remain clean. However imagine putting the teddy bear into the washing machine when your child is at school and it emerging 30 minutes later torn and tangled in all directions. Just the sight is enough to ruin your child’s week and fill it with sobbing and tantrums. Luckily there are methods to avoid this complication and yet clean the toys.

The more delicate of toys are taken all around the house with the child. Hugging and loving the toy are reasons for its exposure to dirt and dust. These toys cannot be sent through a dryer because they are made up of flammable material. Cleaning of such toys will require methods that do not require water and heat.

Such toys should be put into a garbage bag tied loosely. The toys should be placed loosely inside the bag and not tightly squeezed. Place the vacuum nozzle at turn it on after. This will use the vacuum to suck out all dirt and dust. Use a little bit of fabric cleaner spray to give it a fresh spring feels and smell. If the vacuuming has led to any change of shape in the toy, re adjusts it to its previous shape. They should return to their original shape by lightly manual fluffing. This is not suitable to for small toys and can be performed only on regular size of toys. Smaller toys tend to get stuck in the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner.

In case the toys are of extra emotional importance or sentimental value the safest method is to manually hand wash them in a tub of Luke warm water. This will give you full control over the action and force that is being used on the toy. Some toys have parts made of silk or other delicate material which may have weakened over time and are prone to tearing. This will require very gentle rubbing with the fingers, while the rest of the toy may be made of tougher material which requires rougher handling to expel the dirt. This sort of dual force application can only be given by a human hand. It is not easy to achieve this with a machine. It is a wise idea to soak the toy for fifteen minutes before washing. Toothbrushes can be used to scrub fabric. Toothbrushes have softer bristles and they force can be controlled into giving it a gentle scrub.

Nothing is too difficult to clean. These methods of cleaning can give you clean and sterile stuffed toys without it losing its authenticity!

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