How to Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

It probably won’t surprise you to find out that the price of your auto insurance policy can vary by hundreds of dollars from one insurance carrier to another. After all, you’ve been told that by everyone from a pair of cavemen to Flo, the delightful customer service rep for Progressive Insurance. While the television ads tell you that you should compare auto insurance quotes to be sure you’re getting the best deal, they don’t ever tell you precisely how to do that. Since automobile insurance policies don’t come with price tags attached, comparing one car insurance policy with another isn’t quite as simple as checking the price on the sticker. Whether you’re looking for car insurance for a new car or planning to change your current auto insurance policy, these tips will help you compare auto insurance to get the best price.

Decide How Much and What Kind of Insurance You Need

One of the most important things you need for a valid auto insurance comparison is a standard plan. Unless you’re getting quotes on the same services, you don’t have a valid basis for comparison. Figure out the amount of coverage you need, whether you want compulsory insurance or comprehensive insurance, and which bells and whistles you want to add to your policy. Once you’ve decided on a policy on which to base your comparison, you can submit requests for insurance quotes.

Get Multiple Insurance Quotes

Log on to a website that allows you to submit multiple auto insurance quotes at once. Many comparison websites will allow you to fill out one quote request and submit it to as many as six different insurance providers at once. In many cases, you’ll get a response from most of them within a few hours so that you can begin your comparison. Auto insurance agents from each company will usually call you or contact you via email to get more information for a full quote.

Ask Each Agent About Any Additional Discounts that Can Be Applied to Your Policy

Insurance companies base their quotes on their own experience insuring drivers. Since each insurance company has a different experience, each company has a slightly different equation for assigning risk and determining your premium. When you’re trying to compare auto insurance policies, it’s important for you to ask about discounts for driver education classes, vehicle safety equipment, safe driver points and low mileage drivers. Don’t forget to include any discounts you might get for making your purchase online or for buying your car insurance through the same company that insures your home or other automobiles.

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes Against Each Other

Let each agent know that you’re comparison shopping for the best deal, and most of them will work hard to give you the lowest quote they can manage. Once you receive a detailed quote from each of provider for your auto insurance, compare the policies side by side. Don’t be distracted by bells and whistles you don’t need. They just add to your insurance cost without giving you more value for your money. Instead, choose the policy that offers you the best price on the options you chose before you started asking for quotes.