How to Manage Holiday Stress

Tables full of food, family gathering and those memorable funny moments. That is what initially comes to mind when one thinks about the holiday season. We do not think about the stress that is involved with all of the preparations but you need to know that it exist.

Stress is the way that the body responds to too many demands. It can cause high blood pressure, stomach and digestion problems and migraines just to name a few. Every one experiences stress differently so the symptoms may not be same. But we all can cope with those stressful moments just by following the these tips.

1. Do not procrastinate. Waiting until the last minute to purchase the ingredients for your holiday dinner, or to make those crucial travel arrangements can make any ones blood pressure boil. With the use of technology it is no longer necessary that we spend every single moment of the day in the kitchen cooking. Some side dishes can be made in advanced and frozen or refrigerated. Therefore the bulk of our day is spent cooking the turkey and entertaining family and friends.

2. Avoid peak times. If you are traveling by air and wish to avoid the crowds then look into traveling during the off peak times. This is true for train traveling as well. Off peak times are usually early in the morning and late in the evening. Most airlines offer cheaper ticket prices during low peak travel times. Avoid the lines and save some money in the process.

3. Expect delays and Lines – This does not mean to have a pessimistic attitude but do keep in mind that you are not the only person preparing for the holidays. Some stores and travel counters may be understaffed and with these 2 holidays occurring late in the fall and in winter, the weather can change and delays can occur.

4. Get comfortable. Wear comfortable clothing. If you are traveling with children ensure that they have their favorite toy or gadget to keep them occupied.

By following these simple steps you can ensure that your stress level will be reduced and you will be able to breeze through the holidays.

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