The Number One Stress Management Tip for Quick Results

We all live our lives in a frenetic rush. Work and family commitments put a lot of pressure on us and we are always looking for an answer to live a better life. Stress is becoming a widespread disease and if not taken seriously can cause many illnesses.

Dealing with stress is not always easy as people normally don’t know what to do and feel overwhelmed. Stress normally comes from the felling of not being able to do everything we want in the short amount of time available. In addition we can feel stress by not having things what we dearly want such as money, the perfect body and health.

The number one technique you can quickly use to reduce stress is time management. Time management is usually related to effectiveness but there is a lot more related to it. We can break down time management for stress relief in a few but key areas.

Setting Priorities

The secret to reduce stress and manage your time is setting priorities. You need to stop and rethink your life in terms of what is important to you. As human beings we have the tendency to say yes to everyone to please them and feel good about.

Unfortunately we can’t please everyone and the long term effect is stress for not being able to meet all your requirements.

Before moving on think about who you are and what is important in your life. For example, if you feel that being healthy and fit defines who you are, take at least 3 times for week for your exercise and work your schedule around.

Eliminate tasks that are not necessary for what you want to achieve. You can reduce your stress immediately just by knowing you have less stuff to do.

Letting Go

Letting go is part of setting priorities but is hard for many people that are afraid missing something in their lives. You need to let go of things that are not important in your life.

Practice the art of letting go making a commitment to live your life to the fullest and only letting in activities that are aligned with who you are.

When you let go you start to realize you actually never needed to do those things you are releasing. You will feel happier and fulfilled.
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Be Nice to Yourself

One of the major causes of stress is being tough on you, asking high standards and not forgiving mistakes 24/7. This is a recipe for disaster.

Don’t be so hard so that you can feel relief and peace immediately. You’ll notice after practicing this attitude you will start having more energy and will actually be able to do more than before.

In addition you can feel more creative and have more inspiration to achieve your dreams and complete tasks in a more effective way.

These tips above will enhance your time management, reduce stress and increase your satisfaction. They key to be happy is being able to feel good, relaxed and only doing things in life that we enjoy.

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