Icecrown Citadel Raiding Tips

Whether gearing up a raiding guild or playing on a high population server, some of the best loot in the game comes from Icecrown Citadel. Icecrown Citadel is the final raid instance of this expansion where the Lich King makes his home and is currently one of the best spots to get gear.

It’s not precisely the only spot to get gear of the highest quality due to the fact the Ruby Sanctum was released which is an instance / lore line that will bridge the Lich King expansion with the new Cataclysm expansion so there is equivalent loot from that raid instance as well.

But the majority of high end loot will come from Icecrown Citadel and there are several things that can be done to improve the chances of a raid actually finishing 12 of 12 in there; whether it’s a pick up group or a raiding guild playing.

  • Ensure the raid group is composed of the right mixture of classes.
  • There’s an appropriate time to have 10 of the 25 players to all be Rogues and there’s not an appropriate time to have that many rogues (there’s probably never an appropriate time in a raid to bring that many Rogues). Same goes with Healers and Tanks. There is probably very little reason to overfill the group on any one type class or role so diversifying the raid usually results in the most success.

  • Properly gear check all players. It is true that gearscore does not equate to skill, but what it does equate to is potential.
  • A good player with a higher gear score has more potential than a good player with a lower gear score. A bad player with a high gearscore has greater potential than a good player with a low gear score, not that there is a need to have bad players, but gearscore represents potential. A good player is always key to a successful raid, but at some point, if the potential of their gear isn’t great enough to allow them to keep pace with the rest of the group; there’s no reason to bring them.

  • Ensure everyone has proper experience or understands what to do each fight.
  • This is a really vital step in successfully completing a raid. If any single player doesn’t know a fight of 25 man Heroic ICC for example, the raid will wipe 99 out of 100 times; if not more. One player can ruin 24 other players gaming experience and waste their time so ensure everyone in the raid truly knows the fight before bringing them along. Allowing a player to learn and make mistakes on other people’s watch would be derelicting the duties of raid leader.

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