It is Obvious to Me That Some Nations Have No Intention on Curbing Pollution

Now I’m not a global warming alarmist by any means, but it is obvious to me that the global warming climate change group which met in Cancun Mexico was a complete disaster from a diplomatic negotiation standpoint. In fact, not one nation wished to ratify the proposed agreement which was drawn up. Despite this catastrophic diplomatic failure, China stepped up to the plate and said it, everyone should follow the original Kyoto treaty.

As you know the United States did not sign that treaty, because it was in our opinion at the time it was an economic and political play by the Japanese to cut deep into our industrial base. From an economic standpoint, it’s probably good we didn’t sign the Kyoto treaty, as it would’ve severely hurt our manufacturing industry. Today, our manufacturing industry is hurting anyway, but it is more due to labor unions, unbalanced trade deals, excessive lawsuits, and overregulation; in other words it’s our fault.

Recently, there was an interesting article on this topic in Bloomberg titled; “China Seeks Climate Compromise on ‘Disastrous’ Debate to Extend Kyoto,” by Alex Morales published on December 4, 2010. So, why would a nation like China which is building new coal-fired power plants at the rate of about two per month would wish to cut its carbon emissions? Well, it doesn’t want to, and if you’ll recall be Kyoto treaty has a clause in it for emerging nations, which are allowed to pollute, whereas, first world industrialized nations like the US, Japan, Australia, Canada, and nations of the EU would be prevented from doing so.

China wants to remain in that category as it was during the original signing of that agreement, even though China is now the largest polluter in the world for CO2 air pollution. Some say China is also the largest polluter in the world for urban runoff causing dead zones some 460 square miles off the coast of its major cities [in full disclosure our think tank believes this too].

Apparently the worst polluter in the world, China [as per the UN's latest data], wished to put a good spin on things after the Cancun meeting, and look like the good guy in coming up with a solution to just ratify the Kyoto treaty until the next year when the climate group meets again. But that just means another year of heavy pollution from China, without making a deal worldwide to agree that everyone will chill out on pollution.

It would appear obvious to me that China has no interest at all, whatsoever, along with a number of other nations of ever curbing their CO2 emissions, and they like things just the way they are. Unfortunately that doesn’t work for us anymore, and out here in California some of our air particulate actually comes from China. That’s right it is measurable in Southern California, pollution that’s traveled across the Pacific Ocean. Indeed, I’d like to leave you with that thought, and if you have any ideas or suggestions please shoot me an e-mail. Until then please consider all this.

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