Jogging Dangers Create Legal Nightmares

Every jogger has the nightmare. You’re out for an evening jog when someone’s dog jumps a fence or slips its leash. The dog catches your leg and without warning, you’re on the ground, in pain and unable to escape.

Even though you may take precautions like wearing a reflective vest or bright clothes, vicious dogs are just one of the many threats joggers face. You can slip and fall on unsalted, icy sidewalks, or be hit by a careless driver or reckless bicyclist. Hazards can come from careless homeowners, dangerous sidewalks or roadways, and anyone you have to share the road with. No amount of preparation or awareness on your part can protect you from the negligence of others.

What’s worse is that the dog bite or slip-and-fall nightmare doesn’t end once you leave the hospital. You may have missed work, lost wages, or even be unable to return to your job. Suddenly, this healthy past-time has cost you your livelihood.

And what if the injury has left you permanently unable to work, with lifelong scars or unpaid medical bills? Without a personal injury attorney experienced in the laws of your state, you may end up with a bigger nightmare, facing insurance attorneys out to settle your claim for less than you deserve or a dog-owner that refuses responsibility for their pet.

While a good personal injury attorney can’t get you back on the road any quicker, your personal injury attorney can help you recover compensation for disability, pain and suffering, or disfigurement.

When you first set out for that jog, a personal injury lawsuit is not what you anticipated, but once you have been injured, you need an attorney on your side that is willing to take your matter through the settlement negotiations and into court if necessary.

If you have just been injured, do you have the time or luxury of trying to navigate a complex legal system? Do you know who needs to be served? Who is really responsible for your bills? Do you know what a fair settlement figure is? Do you know what evidence or information you will need to provide to the Court? Do you know how to collect on a judgment, if you get one?

An experienced accident attorney will help throughout the process. From dealing with insurance companies, negotiating settlements, and filing your claim right through to your day in court. After, your personal injury lawyer will help you collect on and enforce your judgment. A good accident attorney is your best resource and can often be the only thing standing between you and an unfair settlement.

Every day, you run the risk of being injured by a car, motorcycle or being hurt by negligently maintained property. You can’t undo the injury, but you can ensure a fair and just result by consulting a personal injury attorney that will help make the legal system work for you when you need it most.

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