Jump Higher for Free – You Don’t Need To Spend Money

In this consumer world we have, we expect everything to cost something. But this isn’t true. You can easily find tons of information and ways to jump higher for free. You also don’t need to spend any money on shoes, weights, gym memberships, or anything else (although, to be honest, they can be a huge help and get you jumping higher much quicker than if you don’t).

So what are the top 3 things that you can substitute in order to jump higher for free?


In the world of jumping higher, you can be told to buy shoes, weight vests, or plyometric boxes for different jumping workouts. But you can do most all of these without spending money – jump higher for free.

Those jumping shoes you have seen have a big sole under the front of your feet. The idea is to strengthen your calves by stretching them and working them at all times. These work great, but you can do a free version by taking some cardboard and folding it about an inch thick on the front of your shoe and wrapping it with duct tape or something in order to keep it on.

A weight vest is another thing that can really help you build your jumping strength because it makes your muscles work with extra weight and when you take the weight off you can jump much higher without the resistance. I haven’t found anything that works quite as well as a weight vest because you can even play basketball with it on, but for regular workouts, throw on your backpack with a few of your heavy school books. Just make sure to secure it tight so when you jump it doesn’t move too much or give you blisters.

Last thing I use a lot is plyometric boxes. These are great and look good in a gym, but you can find all types of different size obstacles that you can jump onto without needing some expensive boxes. Your local skate park is the best because they usually have many different size obstacles that they use for tricks, but if you go to any park you can find all sorts of boxes, walls, as well as large areas to do the rest of your workout.


A workout is the easiest way to jump higher for free because there are so many workouts out there that you can find without having to spend any money for it. Honestly, except for complete training plans, you shouldn’t ever pay for workouts. I even have a ebook with 33 jumping exercises you can do for free on my website.

But as for workouts, definitely look around online and you are bound to find a ton of workouts and exercises to jump higher for free.

Other Resources

As for everything else you could ever need you can definitely find in the online world. By just doing a Google search for “jump higher for free”, you can find tips and tricks that will give you the edge and start jumping higher. Make sure to not get lost in the information overload. And if you don’t start doing the workouts and seeing results, that’s when you should start thinking about investing in a program that has been proven to work. Only when you can be guaranteed to get results or your money back, that’s when you should think about spending a few dollars and get past the plateau.

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