There are a lot of mental disorders that has been recorded over the years of study and research. One of these disorders has a characteristic of strong urge to steal. A person with such disease may feel a strong force to steal something which oftentimes does not cost much and might not be necessary for him. This disorder is considered serious for it may greatly affect the patient and his family. In this article, you will know what kleptomania is, its causes and how can it be treated.

The mental disorder which is characterized by strong urge to steal is called kleptomania. Oftentimes, kleptomaniac, or the person suffering from kleptomania, steals something that he doesn’t even need. The urge to steal may also cause other symptoms like increase in anxiety while stealing and feeling of triumph while stealing. Although the patient may feel triumphant, he can also feel regret, guilt and shame after stealing. The disorder often occurs spontaneously and without a warning. A kleptomaniac does not have any motive to steal, but he is just hit by the desire to steal and is unable to resist it. Usually, the urge keeps returning which causes the disorder to just go on a cycle. Some studies also found out that kleptomaniac tends to get the same type of object through time.

The cause of kleptomania is yet to be discovered. Yet, some studies say that the disorder is bue to serotonin, a chemical produced by the brain that is responsible for the and the emotions as well as some addictive disorders such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Treating kleptomania is the most difficult thing for parents. Usually, elements of fear and embarrassment keep the patient from seeking professional help. Help from parents and friends, aside from the medical help extended by the doctors is needed for one to overcome the symptoms. Kleptomania has no specific treatment yet, thus, oftentimes the patient should take different treatment processes before finding the best one. However, there are some medications like antidepressants and mood stabilizers can be prescribed. Drugs that block a certain area of the brain that gives pleasure due to addictive behaviors can also be given to the patient to reduce the urge to steal.

Cognitive behavioral therapy greatly contributes to the recovery of the patient from the symptoms of illness. The therapy helps the person to be aware of the negative behaviors and also help them to develop and create positive thoughts.

As said, kleptomania treatment is difficult. But it is also not impossible. Thus, it is best to help and support the patient by helping him learn about the disorder, encourage him to comply his treatment plan religiously and help him stay away from situations which can trigger the urge to steal. Teaching the patient some stress management and relaxation techniques can also help him to overcome the said disorder.