Lincoln, CA’s Diverse History

Today its population is roughly about 40,000. The city’s name was inspired by and intended to honor Charles Lincoln Wilson, who was one of the original organizers and directors of the California Central Railroad. Surveyed, planned and laid out by Theodore Judah in 1859, Lincoln’s original location was plotted along the proposed California Central Railroad. This railroad was intended to connect the California cities of Marysville and Sacramento; also connecting to this line would be the existing Sacramento Valley Railroad through Folsom. The first steps were taken in 1858 to begin construction of the railroad from Marysville to Folsom. In 1860, this part of the project was completed. Construction continued and soon in 1861, the town site of Lincoln now had railroad tracks. Shortly after the railroad tracks were laid in Lincoln, the California Central Railroad fell on financial hardship and funds were not available to complete the project. While the halting of the project was a devastation to the California Central Railroad, it was the beginning of a bright future for Lincoln. With the new path to its town site, the small settlement of Lincoln began to thrive quickly with access being easy and their location being the Northern point of the construction.

Several years later, more funding was obtained to finish the railroad. The tracks were extended to a city called Wheatland in Yuba County, which greatly slowed the city of Lincoln’s progression and development. Residents, business investors and merchants moved further along with the new railroad making more destinations accessible. After the news of gold being found scattered in several parts of California spread, mining operations were formed nearby, but gold was never a commodity this city gained fame for, but instead another valuable substance was found. In 1870, many rich clay deposits were discovered near Lincoln instead of gold, bringing a new wave of prosperity. One of the most prominent pottery businesses in Lincoln’s history resulted – Gladding, McBean & Co. At this point in history, thousands of Chinese immigrants sought new lives and financial gain in gold mining in California. Lincoln was home to many Chinese Americans, but forced them out of the city violently in March of 1886. Rich clay continued to be the city’s main commodity. For the next century, Lincoln would slowly grow and follow the footsteps of every other typical small American city.

Lincoln’s turning point was in the early and middle 1990s. At this point in time, Sacramento had begun expanding rapidly, with its urban sprawl now close to Lincoln. The suburbs had expanded so far that they reached beyond the nearby city of Roseville. As the suburbs have continued to sprawl near Lincoln since that point, many people from all over the state and country have sought to live there and in other nearby small cities. Plenty of Lincoln CA real estate was quickly purchased. Lincoln provides a more cost-effective living solution; also families who wish to avoid the congestion and crime of the central parts of Sacramento find this charming city a delightful alternative. Lincoln CA homes for sale are found in nearly every crevice of the city. Fortunately for this city, when economic hardships were experienced in the early 2000s, more people continued to seek Lincoln CA real estate.

The city of Lincoln opened a legendary casino, Thunder Valley Casino, in 2004 in the Sacramento metro area. This is another famous accomplishment in the city’s history. In 2007, the population was an estimated 39,566, which was a 236.8% growth since 2000. This fact made the city of Lincoln the United States’ fastest growing suburb. It was named an All-American City in 2006; only 10 cities in the country earn this award. Little has changed in Lincoln since then. People looking to relocate to the Sacramento area find Lincoln to be an excellent choice. Unlike many suburbs, there are opportunities within the city of Lincoln, not only living, but business also. Lincoln has become a pleasant mix of commuters who want a quiet and safe lifestyle and entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to begin in Lincoln. The best way to begin considering a move to this thriving little city is to locate a Lincoln CA real estate agent. Every Lincoln CA real estate agent is knowledgeable about properties available.

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