Natural Cure For Acne

Unless you are castrated, infertile, ‘hormone-less’ or never going to reach teenage years, you’ve got more than eighty percent risk of developing some pustules and papules on your skin; face, chest and back especially. Depending on the color of your skin or the variant of these lesions, the color may be black or deep red. These papules and pustules are referred to as acne.

The processes that lead to the formation of acne are not fully understood, but it is known that a variety of factors, both modifiable and non-modifiable, contribute immensely to its development. Environment, climate, diet, hygiene, drugs, presence of Propioniobacterium acne (an acne causing bacterium), increase in hormone (androgens) production especially during puberty, and genetic make-up are all important factors, it is of known fact that acne runs in families.

One thing that is well known about acne are its physical, emotional, cosmetic and its psychosocial disadvantages, ranging from the deepening of skin color at the affected site, painful eruption, black spots, to intense pain and scarring are better read about than experienced.

Since the risk of developing acne is multifactorial, it may be sensible to reduce each of the modifiable, but over the years it has always been by the way of clinical methods; tropical and oral formulations, all of which have proven to be less effective or rather give rise to the acquisition of other variants of acne after prolonged exposure due to the irritation of the cutis, resulting in inflammatory reactions.

Naturally, acne resolves after teen years if allowed to run its course, but what about the discomfort, cosmetic disability and facial disfiguring? There’s also a propensity to ulcerate and heal with scarring and cause permanent damage to the skin, hence there is a need for prompt treatment with better preparations that has fewer or no side effects – natural stuffs.

The human skin is rich in sebum producing glands (sebaceous glands), this substance provides a substrate for Propioniobacterium acne to act, converting it to a toxic fatty acid that irritate the epidermis. To this effect, increase in frequency of bathing and use of some natural purgers like water lemon flesh may help to reduce the incidence of acne eruption.

At the onset of puberty, there is a sudden upsurge of androgens which is a group of hormones responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics in adolescents. These hormones encourage accumulation of fats which may also increase the risk of acne. Reduction of fat intake or consumption of high fiber content is also a good means of controlling acne.

Since sweat contains salt and water, on evaporation, the salt content forms crusts on the skin surface blocking the outflow of sebum, therefore causing stasis of sebum and giving the bacteria the opportunity to work on it. In order to combat this, reducing exposure to heat besides regular bathing is encouraged.

Most over-the-counter oral and tropical formulations become ineffective after a while or cause another form of acne, natural body cleansers like aloe vera, lemon juice and African black soap can be used to clear the face of pimples.

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