Protect Your Company With Security Plus Training Courses

Many times a company’s greatest threat to their system is actually present within the organization or company itself. This does not necessarily relate to corporate spies or disgruntled workers, but rather employees who are just uninformed. This is of course a much more serious threat as these persons tend to be quite familiar with the company’s infrastructure.

This is in no way suggesting that their actions are in any way deliberate at destroying your company. However, due to a lack of knowledge actions such as replying to phishing emails, surfing malware infected websites and exposing sensitive information over social mediums unknowingly can have a serious and negative impact on your company. The best way to solve or prevent this is to have security plus training initiatives for your employees.

Reasons for the Need of Security Training

Based on statistics there are many practices being carried out by your employees that are seemingly innocent to them but actually detrimental to your company’s infrastructure. For instance, many employees allow their friends and family to access the internet via company PCs and laptops. In addition many connect their personal devices to the company’s PC on a daily basis, or even download materials unrelated to work at work. To make matters worse majority of the persons working for you may not be familiar with the procedure for updating the anti-virus protection present on their PC. With all these actions it should be clear that persons need to become knowledgeable of the risk associated with many of their actions.

Methods used in Training

The best way to deal with this is to have your employees complete a security+ training course. This can be done using different methods and will prove to be a worthwhile investment for your company. Different training agencies use different methods or styles of training. Some of these methods include the classroom style training via lecturing and question and answer, usage of visual aids, security awareness website and hands on instruction where possible. In many cases a combination of methods are used for learning.

Topic Covered in Security Training

The aim of the course is to cover topics that will give employees an understanding of the importance of security awareness, while teaching them how to prevent various detrimental incidents and corrective measures should these incidents occur. As a result, general security concepts are covered, along with infrastructure security, communications security, operational and organizational security and the basics of cryptography. At the end students should be knowledgeable in the implementation of various IT and network security concepts, protocols and terminology used in IT security. In addition, students can choose to become certified in the area by completing a certification exam upon completion of the course.

Who Should Take the Course?

For the profitability and security of your business, it is advised that you invest in having your network administrators, information assurance professionals, and security administrators take the training course. These individuals once equipped with the knowledge can now implement various measures in the work place and teach others to ensure that your whole company is secured.

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