What Is the New Playstation Vita by Sony?

Everyone is talking about the new upcoming game console by Sony, which is Playstation Vita that is going to be released late this year. Get in the know and find out what people have been talking about, and why. This article discusses the fuss about this new handheld game console.

In early 2011, everyone was so excited about this new upcoming handheld game console by Sony, which back then was codenamed Sony NGP, or Sony Next Generation Portable. In June 2011, during the E3 Expo (Electronics Entertainment Expo) that took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Sony announced that the official name for this new handheld game console will be Playstation Vita, also called PS Vita, sometimes also written as PSVita, without the space in between the word PS and Vita.

Critics have good praise for this device, with most game critics citing that it will probably be the best handheld console out there that will defeat Nintendo 3DS (also called 3DS) hands down, and Nintendo 3DS was only launched February this year (Japan) and March this year in North America. Playstation Vita, or PS Vita is speculated to take most of the market share from Nintendo 3DS when it is released. The official release date for this console still has not been announced yet, as of now. However, many have speculated that the console will be released as early as November this year in Europe, and probably after Christmas this year in North America. However, this is only speculation and we are yet to hear from Sony official representatives regarding the release dates. Many have expressed their disappointment to the rumor that this console will not be launched before Christmas. Many are hoping to get this console for Christmas as a Christmas present.

Some die-hard Apple iPhone fans may not like this game console though, thinking that this gaming device is a ‘threat’ to their beloved iPhone (even though both products clearly have different target market than PS Vita). Whatever it is, PS Vita is already climbing the chart in Video Games category on pre-order on Amazon.com and many other online retailer websites like Best Buy.

If you are a casual gamer there’s a chance you won’t like this device though, as this device is probably built with ‘hardcore gamers’ in mind. This device is clearly targeting ‘gamers’ who are always looking for new features and looking for maximum gaming experience. Since PS Vita also allows you to save and play your PS3 games on it, this will be a really great feature for gamers alike.

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