Battlefield 3 Classes

The new classes in Battlefield 3 merges the 7 classes that were available in Battlefield 2. The four classes in Battlefield 3 are going to be support, engineer, recon, and assault. In Battlefield 2 you had a medic class but it was hardly ever used, mainly because you didn’t get any additional points for doing your task and the weapons were inadequate to defend yourself. The assault class is now the new medic, and it includes a new feature where you can remove your defibrillator and add a grenade launcher attachment instead. So now you are able to customize each class anyway you want. In previous FPS like Black Ops and Bad Company 2, when you see a player that needs to be resurrected, you can go up and revive the player whether they like it or not. In Battlefield 2 the player had a choice whether if they wanted to be revived or not, which gave them a chance to change class; this feature will be brought back in Battlefield 3. Also the defibrillator will have a longer wait time before you can revive someone again, in Bad Company 2 there were too many people being revived left and right which became really annoying.

The support class will have the ability to give out extra ammo to players who need it, and, like in previous Battlefield games, will have heavier guns like the PKM, which holds more ammo and packs more firepower than a regular assault rifle. They have also included a bipod on these weapons so that when you lay prone you’ll have better accuracy when firing.

The engineer class will have the same features in Battlefield 3 like they did in Bad Company 2, anti-tank equipment, and the ability to repair vehicles. Recon will be the new sniper class, which will have team based features on it rather than having players selfishly snipe enemies from afar, but there isn’t enough info on this class yet.

Battlefield 3 will include squad leaders like in Battlefield 2, and it will be a 4 man squad. Squad leaders will have the chance to create the squad and the ability to respawn someone at your location. So it is really important for the leader to stay alive and to have your team support you in order to advance through objectives.

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