Quick Drive: 2011 Infiniti G25x AWD

The 2011 Infiniti G25 is a great car to drive and offers a lot of value. This car competes against the Lexus IS250 and the BMW 328i. Before driving the Infiniti G25 I was a little weary about how it would drive because of the engine change. The G25 is powered by a 2.5L V6 engine that produces 218 hp and 187 lb-feet of torque. I only had the opportunity to drive this car in the city and didn’t get a chance to take it on the highway. But I can say that I actually enjoyed this car very much even with the dip in horsepower compared to the G37.

This entry level sedan is offered in three trim levels: the G25 sedan, G25 sedan Journey, and the G25x sedan AWD. Standard with each trim is a 7-speed automatic transmission which is carried over from the G37. This vehicle also offers better fuel economy than the G37 at 20 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway(rear-wheel drive models). There is a lot of standard equipment offered on this vehicle which makes the G25 a great value. I will say that some choices such as not offering a navigation system in this car is a bit strange. There are also a few other nifty Infiniti technologies that are also not available. I think that Infiniti doesn’t want to take sales away from the G37 but in my opinion I don’t think that would happen if those features were offered.

The interior of the G25 is just as luxurious as any other Infiniti. Just like in my review of the 2011 Infiniti EX, I just love the easy use of the knobs and buttons. Some other luxury vehicle’s interiors are just way too complicated. There are many people who like the complexity but I like others like things to be simple without being overwhelmed. The materials that are used in this vehicle are of great quality, there is surely no skimping on Infiniti’s part in this interior. The G25 offers the same interior as the G37. For those that feel they would be losing out on the luxury by buying this vehicle will be rather pleased. Just like the interior of this car, its exterior shares the same good looks with the G37. While there is room for 5, the hump in the rear seats creates a problem for anyone who has to sit in the backseats. So I would say that this vehicle seats 4 comfortably.

The G25 drives just how you would expect an Infiniti to drive. But I could definitely feel the loss of the power that the G37 has. However I was quite pleased with the power that the 2.5 engine has to offer. Because I was doing city driving I never missed any of the extra horses. It isn’t the faster car but it sure isn’t that slow by any means. I actually found this engine to be smoother than the engine found in the G37. Everything just seemed to come together very well and it a thrill to drive this car.

The G25x Journey I drove is priced reasonably at $34, 825, with the base modeling ringing in at more than $31,000. I see this car being perfect for anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced luxury car and for someone young who is buying their first luxury car. The G25 fits in nicely in the Infiniti G family.Overall I think that the G25 is a terrific entry level luxury car and maybe next time I can get to drive it a little bit longer and give a more detailed review.

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