Party Games For All

Most people like to play party games but few have a wide variety to utilize when occasions arise such as birthday, work or even bachelor parties. Here are two very fun group games that will allow you to share great fun with family friends and guests.


In this game, you will attempt to convince your guests that you have remarkable powers of divination. You will need to choose an accomplice beforehand. That person will remain in the room with your guests while you are isolated elsewhere. Your accomplice asks one of the guests to randomly choose an object. At that point, he asks you if you are fully concentrated and ready to join the group for the beginning of the séance. Play along and tell everyone that this requires great concentration. Your accomplice points to several objects, one by one, and asks you each time if that is the object that was chosen by your guest. To make the task seem more difficult, you should take a few seconds before answering. After a reasonable amount of time, the accomplice must point to a black object; this indicates that the object that immediately follows is the one that was selected by your guest. Your guest, like the rest of the group, will be amazed. Repeat this scenario with different objects chosen by other guests until one of them figures out how the trick works. You can then give that person the opportunity to take your place in isolation and you can act as the accomplice.


For the purposes of this game, you will have to act in complicity with one of your guests. You will also need a stick of some kind, long enough to be handled simultaneously by two people. The object of the game is for two people – the accomplices – to use telepathy to identify the same person without mentioning any names out loud. This illustrates a true connection of the spirits. Before you begin, you must insist on absolute silence, otherwise, your telepathic powers will not function. When everyone is quiet, the two accomplices, standing side by side, with their eyes closed, move the stick they are holding horizontally in one direction and then in the other. All the while, they ask the guests to concentrate on some detail, which has no particular meaning other than to divert their attention. The accomplices ask each other if an image is beginning to materialize in their minds. What the guests don’t realize is that the accomplices have previously agreed that the first person to make a noise or a sound will become the designated person. Without letting on that they have identified anyone, they keep moving the stick for a few instants before announcing that they have made their choice. One of the accomplices goes to another room while the other silently points towards his selection. Then the first accomplice comes back and inevitably points to the same person. You can repeat the trick until someone figures it out.

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