What Does a Game Boy Cost?

Children love playing different video games because of the different features and amusement it gives to them. Even adults were tempted to try these and became addicted to it. There are different types of video games and different selections however children love to play games under a portable machine so they can hold it easily and bring it anywhere like in school and playground. One is the so-called Game Boy. This game gadget has many different games to choose. Children and adults love this type of gadget because it gives them the amusement they want providing the best games they can play.

Taking a look at the average price…

There are different types and they are quite affordable. One of which is the Game Boy Advance. This has a size of 8″ by 1″ by 3.2″ that only needs two AA batteries and has a colored LCD. Price of this video game is around $35-$40 only. This is typically released in Japan and is very in-demand for young ages nowadays.

Another type of game boy is the Game Boy Advanced SP. Same with game boy advanced, this type is also affordable and that cost around $90-$100 and has different games. The main difference about this type from game boy advance is that this can be connected to Nintendo game cube. This is a super power game tool that looks like a square cellular phone or mini DVD player. An adult who brings this does not look like he is playing. The battery of advanced SP is also rechargeable. Its color is platinum that has a 2.9″ size and is very light to hold. This is known to be a product from Nintendo of America that is very hot to adults and children. This is why game boys are really in on the market because of its portability, affordability and quality that it gives to the user. These video games had different colors and it varies only to small sizes.

Many inventions have been discovered because of children and adults way of interests. To give them the pleasure they want, game boy is one of the best answer to their needs. Although video games sometimes may cause children to become lazy in their studies but it is only up to the parents how they supervise their kids. Giving them the necessary video games while studying is not bad if time is being managed properly.

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