The Next Big Thing Cricut Imagine

The Next Big Thing!
The Cricut Imagine is the next big thing in the world of crafting. Released in September of 2010, this machine sets the bar very high! The original Cricut Machine, developed by Provo Craft, was the first step for the busy crafter to make life easier. A person could easily produce high quality scrapbooks, signs, t-shirts, uniform shirts, banners and every manner of card with the original machine. Now partnered with Hewlett-Packard, Provo Craft has really made it easy for every church group, service organization, school, and the truly inspired crafter to produce high quality products in their own office or home with this great machine! Cricut Imagine offers vivid, full-color, photographic-quality artwork that adds a new level of detail and dimension to your projects. From beginners to experts, you’ll have so much fun creating projects, there are literally thousands available. One can even make one’s own projects and patterns come to life with paper, vinyl, or sticky back materials. Now you can add full color, textures and patterns, for one-of-a kind projects that reflect your creativity and personality. Cricut Imagine lets you design, print, and cut together to take all of your creative projects to the next level.
Clearly, the flexibility of this machine has only begun to be explored, Provo Craft even has a club for Imagine owners; where new projects are discussed monthly and crafters can submit their own projects to others in the group. They have a YouTube channel, where all the news about the Cricut Imagine is available, and they have many videos discussing how to unpack, service and care for the machine. The company held a contest and gave away two of these versatile machines to very deserving folks; one was afflicted with cerebral palsy and used her machine to raise money for local charities. The pushbutton controls for the machine make it possible for her to create her own projects, where otherwise it would be otherwise impossible for her.
I wish this had been available when my children were in school, it would have been terrific to be able to send my kids to school with special t-shirts, or neat and tidy dioramas for their science projects, or make signs for the school’s fundraising events. Just think of the fun you and your family could have with a Cricut Imagine in your house! Cricut Imagine offers endless possibilities for home or office décor, education materials ; the rest is up to you!

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