Foods to Avoid With Cold Sores

Cold sores occur around the mouth due to the herpes virus. The virus responsible for these sores is the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1. The Type 2 virus is the one that causes genital herpes, and at time a person suffering from this kind of herpes can also get cold sores due to the Type 2 virus if personal hygiene practices are not followed.

It is estimated that about eighty percent of the people in the US suffer from cold sores at least once during their lives. These sores are extremely contagious and can be contracted through kissing an infected person or even being in close contact with the person. It is important to remember that you can get the virus even if the person does not have any sores, as he or she will still be the carrier of the virus. While the most obvious symptoms of the virus is development of cold sores around the mouth, some treat can also display flu-like symptoms, such as cold and low grade fever.

People suffering from cold sores should avoid certain foods as they can exacerbate the condition. However, they should ensure that they eat foods that contain a lot of arginine and lysine which are amino acids. In fact, these 2 amino acids will help to get rid of the sores fast. On the other hand, there are some foods that should be avoided completely.

These foods are as follows:

• Gelatine
• Different types of nuts and seeds
• Oysters
• Crabs
• Oats
• Lentil
• Brown rice
• Peanut butter
• Beans
• Peas
• Grapes
• Oranges
• Onions
• Processed cereals and fruits
• Coffee
• Jellies
• Pickles
• Vinegar
• Chocolate

If you have cold sores, refrain from touching the blisters. This will cause the virus to spread to other parts of your face and also prolongs the healing process. Instead, each time the sores irritate you, you should rinse your face and mouth. Try using a cold compress to alleviate the itching and pain. Remember to wash your hands with a medicated soap each time you touch your face to avoid the spread of the virus. Above all, ensure that you do not kiss anyone. This will cause the virus to spread to the other uninfected person. So, while you have an outbreak of cold sores, you should refrain from any physical activity with your partner. Remember, these sores are temporary in nature and will disappear after some time. So, learn to cope with them. You are not alone as millions of people suffer from them and this should give some solace.

In case the pain from the cold sores is unbearable, get in touch with your doctor for a painkiller. He or she would be the best person to advise you on the type of painkiller to take.

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