Beekeeping as a Past-time

If you would like to begin with a successful beekeeping corporation, you’ll need some basic equipment. The hardware must be prepared before the post office calls for you to get the bees. Your first equipment would be the beehive itself.

You need to test if your beehive has 5 supers or not. Since the supers are the place where the bees will store their honey, you can’t neglect them. The supers must be organized so that the bottom of the beehive is below them and the cover is atop them. Supers are not used purely for storage of the honey, they’re also utilized for raising the young bees. 9 to 10 frames will develop in each super as the hive reaches its full activity. You get both hollow and deep supers. The fineness of getting a deep super hive is that you will need only a single size of foundation. You have to be ready for the weight though. Carefully place your beehive on a smooth surface in order that it does not tip over when the wind gets too violent. It’s best to line up your beehive someplace where it will not be ruffled by pets or by visitors. A spacer can help you to maintain equal distances between the frames until the time they are in the super.

Now, you’ll need a smoker. With assistance from the smoker, you can drive the bees out of the hive when you wish to remove the honey. The smoker is a particularly simplistically designed device . A smoker contains only three parts a funnel, a chamber where combustion happens and bellows. Since burlap ignites very fast but still leaves lots of smoke and smolders freely, it is the expert’s choice for using in the smoker. One more choice would be to use dried up corn cobs. The bellows will allow the fire that you light in the combustion chamber burning and the funnel will allow you to maneuver the smoke into the hive.

The next thing you’ll need is a metal hive tool. The metal hive tool is used to pry open the hive, separate the hive bodies, and to scratch the frames clean. Consider it as the all purpose tool of beekeeping. Without a bee brush, getting bees is just not sensible. Your bee brush will help you to get rid of the bees while you try the frames.

A fumer board helps you to collect the honey from the hive. This drives the bees out from the super and you can take the honeycomb. If you don’t mind using used equipment you will find some great costs on beekeeping kit on EBay. You can get all components you will need for beekeeping over the web.

It is a lot of wrk to get started in beekeeping. But once you have the colony established it becomes fun and also pays big rewards, Nothing tastes better than honey that comes from a bee hive that you personally created.

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