Why Won’t My Original Xbox Games Play On Xbox 360?

This is a query that disturbs avid game players very often. It almost stumps those who are sure that Xbox 360 has to be compatible with genuine Xbox games. This is tricky and frustrating when you have just brought in your new Xbox 360 console and have just gathered your friends to boast of your pick. There is absolutely no reason why the original games shouldn’t play as long as you have the hard drive properly attached. You should not think that the trouble lays the system variation like Arcade, Pro, Elite etc. as they don’t interfere with backward compatibility. As long as the hard drive is properly attached the games should play. The reason can be that you bought it online from those not-so-honest sellers.

Certain sellers online (even on renowned sites) try to get more money out of their sales by purchasing 20GB official Microsoft Xbox 360 hard drives at a low cost and then put larger laptop hard drives into the authentic casing of genuine Xbox 360 hard drives. They then sell it for less than the official price for the same drive. Technically, these replaced hard drives are exact with respect to parts, although physically they have been hacked or tampered. They are bound to function well like the official drive. However, since these greedy sellers aren’t good technicians themselves they forget to make the hard drive backward compatible. In order for all genuine Xbox games to be played on a new hard drive, there need to be a special partition for the Xbox 360 to store BC-related data in.

The worst thing is that after buying it online you really can’t do much about the problem. Even when the box has arrived at your doorstep you can’t tell the difference between the hacked drive for the genuine one. If you are lucky, a good reseller might have done the partitioning so you wouldn’t ever find out the problem. You can go to a computer or technical gadget expert who can do the partitioning for you, but tampering with the set this way would cause your service warranty null and void. It is common for Xbox 360 to be reported for problems after rigorous use by gaming fans. Red ring of death, hardware error, hard disk error, system overheating, jammed disk tray, freezing of system leading to distorted graphics etc. are some of the Xbox 360 errors. You really need to send your Xbox 360 to the retailer for repair in such cases which means you cannot risk letting go of your warranty conditions. The solution is, you should buy new games for your Xbox 360.

For your own surety you should ask question from your online reseller about the drive. Make sure you ask him point blank, if it’s hacked drive or a genuine one. If he admits that it is modified drive, ask if it has the necessary partition. Better test the system in front of reseller. If he doesn’t let you test the Xbox, don’t buy the product. It’s your right!

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