How should Men Dress in Various Occasions

Due to the regular changes of weather in winter, we feel worried about the way to wear. Hence, we don’t know how to wear correctly. Here, this passage will help remove the worry of male with various identities and different personalities and keep the original fashion.

1. Something about business suits
As a CEO or officers, you often need to attend a variety of talks. If it’s true, the fine wool suits introduced with vague strips and grid wool is a great option, matching with V-neck sweater made from pure wool. When you are out, a piece of Nick clothing outside with detachable Rex rabbits or water mink liner or long duffle coat with wool collar will keep warm well and highlight the noble status. You will be both decent and warm when shuttle in a range of places. Here is another kind of business suit, that is, all sheep leather jacket or a long coat with high collar sweater, the classic casual pants or jeans.

2. Something about business casual clothes
During the holiday, it’s true that you needn’t to attend the formal negotiations, however you never change your role as vibrant professional man. If you don’t want to be too formal and would like to remain classic, never forget to prepare for yourself a series of casual suit like jacket, loose cotton jacket or the long section of the classic down jacket with detachable fur collar and the interior and other casual pants with washing. Inside, wear the warm casual shirt with lattice or sweater with a series of jump patterns which has various collar styles suitable for temperature changes such as high collar, round neck collar and V according to your individual choice. You may also decide on the Korean version of slim fit suits, with slender cotton suits.

3. Stylish and casual clothing
If you are a tide man following the fashion trend and are keen on publicity and personality, it won’t be lack of merchandise in your choice. Gradient light down jacket with stand-collar cardigan sweater, washed indigo jeans will add to your warm degree and fashion degree. If you want to be a full stylish men as well as being not bloated and natural in sunny winter, you can select the Korean version of woolen coat with detachable belt, with lapel sweaters, cozy jeans. In the sunshining and warm days, you may spend some days with along with a few relatives and friends outside. So if you want to be personal and casual, you can wear western-style and jeans with other particular treatment.

Moreover, you must pay attention to the colors. Generally, the goods from famous brands are always dull mainly based on black and grey. So try to elect more activate colors when picking out collocation products such as shirts, sweaters, scarves and ties because colors in the same series will produce misplaced feeling. I believe everyone will be a wide inside and styish outside man if all pay attention to the ways to dress. Enjoy showing your charm during you leisure time!

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