Celebrities Favorite Designer Sunglasses Style

Majority of the people would loves to follow their favorite celebrities. Famous Hollywood stars walking that red carpet wearing their designer sunglasses would be a great sight to behold! Taking a closer look at pictures of celebrities at awards ceremonies, in paparazzi photos, or during brand launches reveals how different celebrities have different preferences regarding their style of sunglasses. Celebrity sunglasses are definitely hot today in the fashion scene. You too, can savor the attention, style and glamour that this piece of eyewear can provide.

For instance, Angelina Jolie is often seen sporting double-bridged or aviator semi-rimless sunglasses. She wears other styles of Matrix eyewear as well, most of which tend to be oversized sunglasses with dark lenses to help define her stunning facial shape and features. The shades she wears seem to be a blend of style and mystery. Brad Pitt is also often seen donning aviator RB3026 sunglasses in paparazzi shots and movies. He is somewhat exploratory when it comes to sunglasses, sometimes wearing gradient lenses or even colored glasses.

Tom Cruise has sported a number of sunglasses styles through the years. He is purported to be one of the reasons for the popularity of aviators back in the 80′s when he wore one for Top Gun. He is also regularly seen in Wayfarer style eyewear with its trapezoid-like plastic frame, which emphasizes his masculinity even more. Of course, who wouldn’t forget that sleek, wraparound sunglasses he wore on Mission: Impossible? How about the lightweight, rimless Matrix sunglasses of Keanu Reeves?

Paris Hilton is also remembered for her oversized, colored sunglasses, frequently with mirrored or gradient lenses. Most often she is seen on TV wearing white sunshades with broad frames. Oversized sunglasses like these compliment her oval, long face, and help keep her overall look in perfect sync with her bold character. Julia Roberts, on the other hand, prefers to wear square framed, straight-top sunshades, which compliment her triangular-shaped, thin yet attractive face. Agent Smith sunglasses and Morpheus sunglasses are also popular celebrity styles.

Luckily, sunglasses such as these do not have to feature exorbitantly high prices. Stylish shades like Ray Ban sunglasses can be found online at reasonable prices. To find the best values, look to buy your branded glasses when there is a sale going on, at the end of a busy retail season, or when the store is at the end of its financial quarter or year.

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