How To Hire An Air Ambulance Abroad

At some point, many people decide to travel abroad to vacation, see family members, or to conduct business. You’ll be busy making sure you have your passport docs ready and making sure every detail of your trip is planned, but there’s one thing you probably haven’t thought of. If there’s a medical emergency, you’re going to want to know how to hire an air ambulance.

You may be wondering why this something to concern yourself with in the first place. Depending on what country you visit, medical care may be nonexistent or simply difficult to reach from your location. Another reason people consider this option is because they feel more comfortable flying back home to be with their primary care physicians.

First, you’ll want to locate an air ambulance. Unlike hiring a company in your hometown, you have to pay close attention to the international flights offered. Sometimes, flights are only offered within the borders of one country and not another. At other times, the company may need to request special clearance before being granted access and this must be done in advance. You can visit the U.S. Department of State’s website for a partial list of air ambulance companies that fly internationally. Alternatively, you can search for these companies and just check out their site for information on flights abroad.

After choosing a company, the biggest issue you’re likely to face is medical insurance. You can’t count on your insurance covering medical evacuations when you’re away from home. In fact, if you’re forced to use a private air ambulance company this is something you can’t even assume when you’re at home. First, make sure you call your health insurance provider and ask if these services are covered. This is just a good thing to know. Next, ask if you’re insurance is valid overseas and in the country where you’ll be staying.

You can also look into getting medical travel insurance, which is like traditional travel insurance except it covers medical expenses rather than lost or stolen items. If this is an option you chose, you need to make sure you carry a copy of your policy documents or proof of coverage to show the air ambulance company. Many times they will not take your word for it at the time of an emergency, so this a responsibility you will have to assume.

Finally, you will need to check in with your local embassy. There are plenty of nightmare stories on the web about the quality of flight safety abroad. Your embassy will be able to tell you if the air ambulance company you’ve chosen has received an excessive number of complaints or reprimands.

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