What Is a Motel Experience?

Where you stay while traveling really depends on the kind of traveling you will be doing. Whether you are traveling for business, pleasure, or just passing through will determine what kind of stay you need to scope out, and the motel experience may be just thing to suit the needs of your trip.

The word motel is a linguistic blend from the words motor and hotel. Its origin alone seems to insinuate a quick, convenient stay rather than a vacationing resort type of endeavor. Most establishments who coin themselves motels rather than hotels are going to host rooms with entrances that are accessible directly from the parking lot. The structures will have likely been built with convenience in mind and will therefore be near major interstate on and off ramps. A motor hotel, historically, is just meant for travelers who are passing through and need a simple overnight stay with a shower and a bed. This option is not really meant for vacationers, though the thrifty family who intends to spend most of the time sightseeing may opt for the more straight forward approach to sleeping quarters.

Some franchises have taken on the simple stay hotel and made it into a more pleasant stay that can serve business trips and vacations as well depending on the needs of the patron. For a business stay during which you will be out of the room and working most of the time coming back only to land in bed, a simple place will do. You may need to pack your own toiletries though because stocking the bathrooms with anything but little bars of soap and plain towels is not on such an establishment’s to do list. You will however, be provided with a clean, warm, convenient place to stay.

Things that you will give up for the more economical choice are room service, bell hops, exercise facilities, and in some cases WI-FI capabilities, in which case a business traveler may need to reconsider. A traveling family will save cash better spent on a family centered itinerary but will need to be willing to accept the minimalist take on what the motel has to offer. Kitchenettes, continental breakfasts, lounging or dining areas, computer access, and maybe even cable and a year-round swimming pool could be among your sacrifices.

If you are looking for a getaway in which the place where you stay serves as part of the experience, then you need to upgrade, but if you are looking for fun time on a budget, consider the old time motorists approach to the overnight stay and find a good, clean, room. Just consider bringing your own fluffy pillow or blanket for added comfort.

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