Health Hazards Of Smoking

Do you smoke? We all know that smoking cigarettes gives no benefits to health but there are still more people that are using it. Recent study suggests that every single cigarette you consume actually lessen your life span for about seven minutes. Imagine if you can smoke more than a pack, it could be a devastating blow to your over all health.

Cigarettes contains thousands of poisonous ingredients which includes nicotine that are very harmful to the body. Below are some of the known health hazards of smoking cigarettes.

With over four thousands chemical compounds in a single cigarette, only nicotine is said to be responsible why people cannot easily quit smoking. Instead, people become so addictive and controlling their crave becomes more difficult to stop.

Number one cause of cancers
Smoking is not only the number one cause for lung cancer, but all types of cancers. Yes, if you smoke, you increase your risk for colon, liver, prostate, breast and other tumor-types of diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases
Cigarette is one factor that can trigger heart attack. The hardening of arteries due to blood clots can cause the sudden heart attack. In various medical studies, 90% of patients with different cardiovascular diseases are either smokers or passive smokers.

Weakens the immune system
In teens, the misconception that smoking cigarettes can help lose weight is over rated. Yes you lose weight but that does not account to healthy body but instead it weakens the immune system in the process. Making you susceptible to many viral and infectious diseases. Smoking in teens are also related to the growing cases of teenager anxiety in youngsters.

Bad for oral health
Do I have to say more? The most obvious physical effect of smoking is bad breath. It also makes your lips dark and your teeth colored yellow. Smokers also have higher risk of gum problems such as mouth sores and lesions.

Lowers hormone levels
Women who smoke are at great risk of lowering their estrogen levels. This is the reason why women who smoke cigarettes reaches menopause at an early stage than those who are not into smoking. Plus, most breast cancers patients are cigarette users.

If you love yourself and want to avoid these serious side effects, then I suggest you to stop smoking as early as today. Some people are having difficulty in ceasing their smoking habit and sometimes needs a therapy. Consult your doctor for the best treatment on how to properly stop smoking. Live life healthy in a cigarette-free world, let us start an example and make this a better world.

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