Apple iPad Wireless Gaming for HDTV – A Class Above

The world is transforming everyday and new inventions are being made every minute. In order to keep pace with the world one has to remain vigilant at all times. The industry that has seen the most development in the recent past is the computer industry. In the last decade that has passed the computer industry has progressed by leaps and bounds. The pace of the advancement too has been amazing. The race for technological supremacy has driven the computer manufacturers to keep upgrading their machines. First the Pentiums ruled the world. Then the Laptop PCs and the note books were developed which took the world by storm and now is the time for the tablet PCs to become the desire of every computer user.

The tablet PCs are hand held computing devices that come with touch screens. These machines can be taken anywhere with ease and have redefined the word portability. The best tablet PCs that have been developed so far have come from Apple. The iPad which was the first installment of Apple became a hit with the computer users. The iPad 2 which has recently been launched by Apple has even beaten the sales record of the original iPad. The reason for this is that the iPad 2 has many amazing new features which make it better than the rest.

The most attractive feature of the iPad 2 is that it supports the wireless display mirroring through AirPlay. This allows the user to mirror the display that he is seeing on his iPad on the HDTV. The wireless feature is the most important one because it eliminates the limitations caused by wiring. The user can mirror his iPad screen on the HDTV without having to connect the iPad and the HDTV through a Digital TV adapter. This makes the gaming experience on the iPad 2 a treat. The iPad now has the capability to rival the gaming consoles because now the iPad can also be used as a gaming console. The wireless capability of the iPad 2 is going to increase the comfort level of gaming for the gamers because now they do not have to have wire connections to connect their TV and their devices.

Some companies have even come up with games that are going to be perfect for the wireless gaming from the iPad on the HDTV. The Fire-mint Company has come up with Real Racing 2 HD for the iPad which is going to be the first such game for the iPad which allows the user to use their iPad as a gaming console and the game is going to be mirrored from the iPad on to the TV screen. Many more games are in the pipeline and are soon going to be available for the users. The only shortcoming of the wireless gaming in iPad 2 is that it works best only if you have an Apple TV. The normal TV sets are not going to be interfaced with the iPad. This added expenditure is the only hurdle that might prohibit the users from enjoying the wireless gaming experience of the iPad on HDTV.

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