Pure Lettings: An introduction

Norfolk, one of the 34 non-metropolitan counties, situated in the East of England, is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. With miles of perfect beaches and wetlands and nature reserves, picturesque villages and towns, we can classify it as one of the incarnated Heaven of God.

Norfolk’s population is as diverse as its topography, with more than 88 types of communities. This is evident throughout the place, in their cuisines, culture, language or heritage.

People come down to the city either to visit as tourists or for work. There are also a large number of students who come down to study in the University of East Anglia and the Norwich University College of the Arts. These students or the contractual workers are often in the lookout for cheap accommodation options in the city. The answer for them is Pure Lettings Company who has tailor made solutions for each of the specific needs of the client.

The Pure Lettings Company, based in East Anglia, offers innovative and one stop solution for both the tenant and the landlords. The employees are trained professional who makes sure that the property has the maximum exposure and does not have any void areas. The company employs only the best, (from the business, law, finance, property and customer care), so that they can cater to the specific needs of the clients.

For the landlords, they inspect the property and then find tenants. If the property needs any repair or maintenance work, the organisation has Pure Building and Maintenance which look after the matter of maintenance, making the property more presentable. The company does not hire outsiders for the repair work, this way they can have a fixed rates which is chargeable.

For the tenants, the organisation makes sure that the property is as per requirements. The after-sales care continues the whole term of the stay of the tenants. The Company follows some rules regarding leaving the property before the contract ends. It also takes care of all the utility taxes.

The Company also rents out properties for commercial usage. Called the Pure Commercial Property, they offer properties for retail, warehouse, office space etc. They also offer individual units ranging from 1000 feet to 1, 00,000 sq.ft.

The Company makes sure that the property receives their right valuation. They are aware of other competitors in the market, and always agree to the fact that the customer has the right to choose, they work hard to keep the property with them.

Pure Letting is a rental agent that handles property rentals in the Norwich/ Norfolk area. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate mission.