Reasons to Wear Contacts

If you have bad eyesight then you will have to make a decision on whether or not to wear contact lenses. There are many people out there that prefer contact lenses over glasses for good reasons. However, there are also many people that like glasses as opposed to contacts. Most of these people have never really tried to wear contact lenses and are very happy with what their glasses are providing them. More often than not, however, once someone tries contact lenses and gets used to them they begin to see the major advantages that they have over a regular pair of eyeglasses.

One of the biggest reasons to wear eye lenses is that they are just more comfortable than eyeglasses. Once they are in your eyes they are not noticeable at all. With glasses you always have the feeling that they are sitting right on your nose. Though this is something that you get used to, it is never really as comfortable as it could be. The other thing that is nice about wearing contacts as it relates to comfort is that there is no arms that squeeze the side of your face, head and ears. The arms on glasses can oftentimes be uncomfortable to the point where they can cause some pretty serious pain in these areas.


Another reason to wear contacts is that they will help with your vision. Contact lenses will allow you to see better as the lenses sit directly on your eyes and not a few inches out in front of them. The fact that your glasses sit on the end of your nose means that your eyes have to struggle to see out of them. What happens is that since the glasses are a few inches away from your eyes you have to strain in order to see that few inches. Many people report headaches when wearing glasses for this very reason. In addition, with contacts you will have better peripheral vision as you will be able to clearly see out of the corners of your eyes. This is not the case with glasses.

Lastly, in the long run contact lenses can be cheaper than glasses. Depending on what type you get you will be spending less on the contact lenses then you would on the frames and eyeglass lenses. You can typically get a cheap box of contacts that will last you a year whereas the glasses are very expensive and will last slightly longer if you are lucky.