Reducing Stress through Better Scheduling Skills

One of the best ways of reducing stress in our lives is to take ourselves off the self-imposed daily roller coaster we create every day. The way in which we schedule our days and lives promotes the feelings of anxiety and stress due to the demands we place upon ourselves.

Our inability or reluctance to take a realistic look at what it is we want to accomplish opens the door to overloading ourselves with impossible ‘to do’ lists. This quickly leads to feeling overwhelmed by the day or days that lay before us.

One must recognize that to be optimistic in what you think you can accomplish is one thing but being realistic is what is needed. Acknowledging your limitations and any ‘variables’ each day can present is a great start for relieving stress before it takes a firm hold on you. It all begins with your scheduling and the expectations you have of each and every day.

Here are 5 realities you need to grasp when you schedule your daily ‘duties’ to help keep you from feeling overwhelmed by the day in front of you.

Keep Things ‘Bite Sized’

Now there are things you will ‘want’ to get done HOWEVER you need to consider what are those things you ‘can’ get done. Given the demands upon your time and your particular capabilities you must plan accordingly! Be realistic and do not take on more than you can handle!

Some Days Are Better Than Others

Some days everything seems to ‘click’ and this is great but do not expect that to always be the case. Plan for the unexpected and when the ‘unexpected’ does NOT occur you are looking at a ‘gift’ that you can not assume will happen on a daily basis. Take your best and most productive days and be thankful for them but do not assume each day will be equally productive.

Failure is Reality

Regard your set backs as learning experiences and count on having more but do not dwell upon them. It is not realistic to assume you will never have setbacks or failures. This type of mindset will only create frustration and despair for you increasing your anxiety and stress.

Adjustments Will Be Required

On an ongoing basis it will be necessary to make adjustments to your ‘to do’ list to address the unexpected. Things may inadvertently ‘pop up’ that were not anticipated yet require immediate attention. On the other hand certain tasks may need more time than planned for to complete and this may mean ‘re shuffling’ your schedule for the next few days.

Step Back

An occasional ‘breather’ is necessary if you expect yourself to continue producing at ‘breakneck’ speed. Even the best need to re-evaluate, readjust and reboot to maintain their productivity

If you are looking for ways of reducing stress in your life a great start would be to quit overloading every day with an impossible workload. This automatically sets you up for failure and leads to anxiety and stress which is something we do not need any more of in our lives. Now it is one thing to be optimistic when planning any day and that is good, however a dash of reality is also required to make the day ‘workable’ as well. The 5 realities mentioned above need to be recognized and acknowledged by you when planning any day. Besides you own limitations there are variables that can occur at any time over which you have little or no control. Admitting to yourself that there is only so much you can do will go a long way towards relieving stress BEFORE it begins to ruin your day or even your health. With that said plan your day accordingly and remember to treat yourself fairly!

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