Essential Oils

It is commonly known that essential oils can be used to support the health and wellness of people, but can they also be used with pets? Yes, they certainly can. Therapeutic grade essential oils, from naturally grown plant material, provide a natural way to support the health of our treasured four-legged and winged family members.

It is really quite natural for animals to be supported with essential oils. In the wild, animals are daily exposed to the fragrances of plants. All animals smell the aromatic plant oils that are naturally released in the air. Birds and animals that eat plants are digesting and absorbing the plant oils as part of their diet. Their skin is absorbing the plant liquids each time they tread upon plant material and rub against trees.

Essential oils can be used with animals in many of the same ways they are used with people. Some examples are using peppermint, clove and cinnamon to help boost the immune system. Lavender and cypress oils can be used to help heal cuts, scrapes and bruises. Frankincense can be used to help disinfect and cleanse a wound prior to beginning the healing process. Peace & Calming and Valor oil blends can be used to help with anxiety and nervousness in animals. Purification oil blend and lemongrass oil can be used to prevent flea and tick problems.

Be cautious when using oils with animals. Smaller amounts of the oil will be needed for small animals. Diluting the essential oil with a carrier may also be needed for small pets. Extra virgin olive oil is an example of a carrier that can be used to dilute the essential oil. This is one way to weaken the strength of the oil and help it to absorb in slowly and gradually. Animals are often very sensitive to smells and not much of the aromatic plant oil is needed.

When working with pets, only use pure therapeutic grade oils that are carefully distilled from wild-crafted plants. Wild-crafted plants are grown in soil that has never been treated with chemicals. By using these plants, we can be certain there are no chemical residues in our essential oils. The plants should also be distilled at low pressure and low temperature to preserve the powerful therapeutic effects. Never use oils that are synthetically produced or diluted with chemical additives with animals. The animals may have a negative reaction to the chemicals and the oil will not have the same medicinal effects.

Share the experience of using essential oils with your pets to help them be strong and healthy. Your pet will really appreciate having a natural solution to help support its health.