Pet Psychic Readings, Communicating With Your Deceased Pet

Pet psychics have been advertising their services since the 1930’s. Though gaining traction in mainstream, the valuable services offered by pet psychics are still a curiosity to most people.

A pet psychic or “animal communicator” can be seen in person or you may opt to contact a telephone pet psychic. Though the preparation requirements for each type of reading are slightly different, both methods will produce the same results.

Pet owners seek out the services of a pet psychic for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s purely for entertainment. Give it a try some time. You and your pet will both enjoy a reading for fun, and if there is ever a time when you have more serious questions, you’ll both have a good idea of what to expect.

Sadly, many times the reason for a reading isn’t so lighthearted. The family pet has died and the owner(s) wish to contact the spirit of their lost companion. This is the time when a psychic reading can be a great benefit to both yourself and your deceased pet.

There are questions that every pet owner would naturally be curious about. The grieving owner may want to know whether the pain is gone now, who is looking after their dog, or who the dog has met up with in heaven. Often, especially if the death was sudden, the pet owner just feels a need to say goodbye.

If an animal’s death was traumatic or sudden, such as being hit by a car, or suffers a heart attack, just as with humans, the spirit of your pet may not realize that it is no longer tethered to this world. Despite best intentions, the emotions of the pet’s grieving owners may cause its spirit to become confused. This can result in the spirit being fearful of “crossing over”. A pet psychic can speak with your pet’s spirit and help to guide it in its transition.

You Need To Be Prepared For A Telephone Pet Psychic Reading

The pet psychic that you visit in person with your pet won’t require anything special of you. Many telephone pet psychics will ask that you provide a photo of your pet. Some telephone psychics will only require a general description such as breed, age, sex, size, and color.

Regardless of the type of psychic that you use, you must write down a number of very specific questions regarding your deceased pet. Most psychics will ask that you have 20 questions ready.

Here’s A Tip

One of the questions that is rarely asked, but should be, is whether your pet has noticed any ailments of yours that you may not be aware of yet. As any pet owner can attest, animals tend to be very “tuned in” to their owners. They would love to help you to proactively prevent a health problem.