Resonance, Dissonance and Entrainment With Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is a method of applying vibrational medicine and facilitates positive change in our energetic fields by guiding the body back to a healthy vibration.Using sound and vibration for body and energy work will greatly enhance the effect of therapy on yourself or your clients. This occurs because the use of sound helps you to relax which in turn allows you to become more receptive to what is being offered.

Stress, fear or anger at work or with family are examples of unhealthy vibrations which we experience as feelings. The peaceful feeling while sitting by the ocean or a moment of unconditional love are examples of harmonious and healthy vibrations.

So why do we not re-adjust our vibration to a healthy state automatically? The answer lies with the principles of resonance, dissonance and entrainment.

What is Resonance?

Resonance feels good. Meet someone for the first time and you get a really good feeling from them, that’s resonance. Love at first sight is resonance, you both resonate with each other. You are in harmony. One scoop of mint chocolate chip from Ben and Jerry’s is in resonance with me. Two scoops is not. Fluffy and Spot over there are in resonance.

What is Dissonance?
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Dissonance is a lack of harmony. When you meet someone you take an instant dislike to, that’s dissonance. Feel like listening to Vivaldi but Eminem is on the radio and you want to jump out of your skin, that’s dissonance.

What is Entrainment and Sympathetic Resonance?

Entrainment is when a vibration (feeling) becomes dominant. For example, someone who has lived in fear for a long time enters a relationship with a happy person and becomes happy herself. That’s sympathetic resonance. The relationship ends but she is still happy, that’s entrainment. Happiness, the dominant vibration, became entrained within her and is now her dominant, normal state. If she had gone back to fear, then fear would be the dominant, entrained state.

A real life example, I used to work at a company were the president was a really great guy who cared about and treated the employees with respect and as result, everyone treated each other with respect. A new president was brought in who was the opposite, very cut throat and un-trustworthy. As a result, the people working there started to mistrust each other and formed groups and cliques. In the end, most working there either adopted the same principles as the president (changed their vibration to the same rate as his) or, they left the company.

So what does this have to do with sound therapy? Everything and I’ll explain in the next post.