Three Factors To Determine The Essay Length

Although, there is no standard word count for an essay and usually it is assigned by the college or university instructors. An essay length also depends on the nature of the topic as some requires a lot of material while some can be described in a concise way. If you would ask me, I think an ideal common app essay length should be around 250 to 300 words, but it is crucial that a student first ask by their teacher first. Furthermore, there are many online essay application where you cannot exceed a given word count.

There are many factors on which an essay length depends which will be discusses in this article which will help you decide the word count of your essay.

Factors that determine the length of an essay:

First factor:

What is the topic for college admission essay?

There are many topics that will require less amount of information while some would require more; this is perhaps the biggest factor that highly influences the final essay length. Some of the students don?• • t know what topic demands more material while some less which destroys their impression on the admission officer. So, students should have to make sure if they are justifying the topic or not.

Second factor:

What is the information necessary to incorporate?

If you miss a single information, obviously the admission office will find It because trust me he is not a fool as he deals with tremendous amount of admission applications every day. So, if you think that if you will use high pitch vocabulary while missing the adequate information then obviously your admission essay would fall short to standards. A word of advice is to brainstorm and jot down all the important points s so you don?• • t have to think at the spur of the moment and of course it would save a lot of your time.

Third factor:

What is the time frame?

How to know if your essay would be read and appreciated by the admission officer? The best way is to remember that an admission officer has to deal with thousands of application essays so obviously he won?• • t be having enough time to read your lengthy essay so why now make it to the points and avoid incorporating extraneous information as much as possible. Make it readable and understandable so that he doesn?• • t get irritated while reading your essay.

In a nutshell, as we have mentioned earlier there is no standard word count limit for an admission essay so a student has to consider two things before deciding the essay length:

First: The above told factors for determining the common app essay length

Second: College or university guideline where you will be given the word counts limit.

Where the second point should be given priority because if you are not meeting the standards maintain by your college or university then there is no way that you can get through with all this. Best of luck!

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