Top 10 Benefits of Quitting Smoking

No one said that smoking cessation is easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest decision you’ll ever make most especially if you’ve been smoking for so many years now. But sometimes, it only takes a few minutes to know and understand the most incredible benefits of stopping smoking for us to finally throw those cigarette sticks away.

1. Risks of cardiovascular diseases would have halved after a year of quitting smoking.
Heart attack, stroke, and hypertension are among the most common health problems that kill millions of people all over the world. Surprisingly, studies suggest that in just one year, the risk of suffering from these conditions will significantly reduce by 50% if people would not smoke.

2. You will look younger.
Cigarette smoking doesn’t just produce unwanted effects in your internal organs but also in your physical appearance. Smoking causes your teeth to stain and it trigger the onset of wrinkles. Observe long-time smokers and you will notice the tips of their fingers to be quite yellowish. For sure, you don’t want to look older than your age! Quitting smoking will slow down the aging process and it will make you look not just younger but more beautiful.

3. Within 9 months of quitting smoking, you suffer less fatigue, shortness of breath, and you feel less stressed.
Whenever you smoke, your heart beat faster than its normal rate. Your blood flows vigorously that you find it hard to breathe sometimes. Quitting smoking will make you more productive at work because you’re less likely to experience fatigue and other stress-related problems.

4. It improves your sense of taste.
Some of the nicotine in cigarettes stays in your tongue for a long time and it doesn’t get immediately washed away by simply brushing your teeth especially if you have been smoking all these years. Quitting smoking lets you enjoy your meal may it be a regular hotdog sandwich or some luscious beef steak!

5. You protect people from life-threatening problems.
The moment you stop smoking, you reduce the possibility of secondhand smoke which can be inhaled by the people around you. You save their lives from acquiring fatal illnesses such as lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

6. You DON’T stink.
Smokers can easily be identified by their smell. For non-smokers, such smell is awful while smokers may no longer identify their smell. All kinds of toxin stink. Cigarettes contain thousands of toxins which contribute to the stinky smell of one’s breath and body sweat.

7. You save $2,000 per year when you quit smoking.
You might think that spending $5 a day for a pack of cigarettes is tolerable but when you sum it all up, you’ll realize that you’re actually losing a fortune! In one year, you could have saved more or less $2,000 if you hadn’t bought cigarettes.

8. Quitting smoking improves fertility rate.
Both men and women benefit from quitting smoking when it comes to fertility issues. On the part of men, they are able to produce sperms with greater density and quality. For women, the risk of miscarriage is reduced and they experience smooth and healthy conception.

9. It boosts your fitness level.
From head to foot, you are benefited when you quit cigarette smoking. Therefore, expect that you will feel better and fitter in the coming days.

10. You LIVE longer.
And finally, quitting smoking makes you live longer. According to statistics, only 12% of smokers reach the age of 85. Smoking one cigarette reduces your life span by 11 minutes. Just imagine how much time you lose when you smoke one pack of cigar a day!

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