Top 5 baby shower ideas

If you have attended a baby shower where you found that the ‘event’ consisted of a few balloons floating aimlessly and a table scattered with food, then, you already know what you don’t want at your baby shower! This is definitely not what your guests want. Before you throw a baby shower, take it for granted that you will need to put in some work. If you cannot do the hard work, do not offer to throw the baby shower. It’s a labor of love – and a fantastic baby shower really does not take that much effort.

So, here are some baby shower ideas that can help you host the baby shower of the decade!

Baby shower ideas #1:

Expenses are on the rise and we’re in the middle of a long recession. Besides, these days, baby showers are moving away from an all-women event to couples event. All this boils down to one thing: you’ve got to be extra careful with your budgeting. Spend money where it makes the most impact. Scrimp where no one will notice.

Baby shower ideas #2:

Décor is a vital part of the party. You cannot have a rocking party without appropriate décor. Make sure that the venue is beautifully decorated. One of the easiest ways to spruce up the room is to decorate the serving table beautifully. Since that table is going to be the center of attraction, you can elevate it with a stack of bricks. Choose a centerpiece for the table. An edible fruit bouquet is an example. Flower bouquets too are a beautiful addition. You could also heap fruits in an attractive basket and place it on one side. If someone is gifting a diaper cake, you can use that as an attractive baby shower centerpiece. If you are not strapped for finances, how about having a chocolate mountain as the centerpiece? Better still, set up a chocolate fountain. You can then cover fruits and other edibles with chocolate and serve the same. There is something sinfully rich about this centerpiece and your guests won’t stop talking about the party!

Baby shower ideas #3:

Place gifts on a beautifully decorated table. Once these gifts pile up, they look absolutely stunning. The expectant mother will be thrilled with the gifts that everyone has brought.

Baby shower ideas #4:

Find ways to have a lot of fun. Baby showers are fun events where you will be meeting with lots of people who are really dear to your heart. Of course, you can chat. But that should not be the aim of the event. It is to make the mom feel really special and to help her enjoy the day to the maximum. Games and great music are some of the best ways to make a baby shower one to remember.

Baby shower ideas #5:

Last but not the least by any means is the food you serve. Your guests do not expect gourmet food but they will look forward to tasty little tidbits that won’t interfere with the fun but will also keep everyone pleasantly satisfied for the time they are there. While selecting food, think about what everyone will love.

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