Type 2 Diabetes

The holidays are upon us once again. Basically, from near Halloween until about New Year’s Day, you would be justified in thinking that someone was out to intentionally fatten you up. Of course, by far the most immediate threat to a Type 2 diabetic isn’t gaining a few pounds, which you’ll no doubt lose with your New Year’s resolution to run a mile every day… done laughing yet? You need to watch out during these few months especially, because it can be very tempting to go crazy… and the consequences can be pretty dire. But you don’t have to turn into Scrooge… it’s all about moderation.
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Moderation: If you can go through Halloween eating huge amounts of candy and not suffer any kind of harm from it, you are one lucky individual. Just try to limit yourself to just a piece or two an hour, and you should be fine. If that turns out to be too much, give yourself a little bit longer between sugar rushes. Again, moderation is a big deal, especially in this two month period where excess rules like it did back in the 90’s.

Chew Slowly: For one thing, you can limit your sugar intake by eating more slowly. Yes, it may sound stupid and obvious, but you would be amazed how quickly some people eat. Just take one bite, put down your utensil and chew slowly. This is an old dieting trick that can help you to eat less of sugary foods like cranberries and full-sugar pies. You’ll ultimately find that by eating more slowly, your mind actually has a chance to acknowledge that hey, you’ve had enough to eat. Some people just keep pushing the food in there until they’re absolutely “stuffed”… and say what you will about that being “the point”, how much do you really enjoy being stuffed? Coupled with the side effects of having too much blood sugar, you might as well just give that a pass.

Substitutions: Another way to limit the amount of sugar you take in is to make some substitutions. Go a little lighter on mashed potatoes, and a little heavier into the turkey… suddenly the GI of your meal drops dramatically. Get used to sugar-free or low sugar alternatives to pies, and that will make a significant dent. Every recipe where you can cut down on the sugar and lower the glycemic index will have an impact on the nutritional quality of your meal. And not only that, but you’ll also find that your family will develop better health habits over time through you “encouraging” them into doing so.

Just keep in mind that complaints are temporary, and the maintenance of stable blood sugar levels and good health is forever.

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