US Government: Grants Your Wish

If someone paid for your dreams to come true, everyone would dream big. Have you ever thought of leading your dreams to reality through someone else’s expense? You are in true luck, because the US government gifts over $400 billion as free grants for its citizen’s needs. There are over 5000 federal programs, 70,000 to 100,000 corporations and foundation, many private entities, professional and community groups which contribute to this free funding.

A common question that may arise in your mind is that if there is so much funding available, then why many people don’t apply for it. The reason is that, many people aren’t aware that they could be eligible for a government grant and many others do not want put in efforts to grab this money. Agreed that it is free money, but it is not easy money. So, you need to put in a little effort and time to research and write a convincing grant application to convince the grantor of your needs.

Government Grants are available for all needs: housing, education, business, home improvement, etc. Home improvement grants provide free money to improve home and property. Considering the current housing market and economic times, buying a new home can be really tough. You can renovate your current home using the home improvement grants. You can use this money to repair damage from natural calamities, build a new roof or for modernizing your home. Minorities, senior citizens, single-parent homes, financially disadvantaged people can receive special concessions with home grants.

The government also grants over $20 billion in special grants for women. It has many financial opportunities for women owned businesses. If you are a woman and wish to start a new business after taking a long break from working to setup your family, you can apply for business grants for women. If your business needs capital to expand, even then you can apply for these grants. The several grants offered specially for women are: small business grants for woman, regular business grants for woman, Grants for single-mothers, Grants for low-income women, etc.

The chances of a woman entrepreneur winning a grant is high because there are more than 5000 government grantors, with over $10 billion just for small businesses. The amount granted can range from a few hundred dollars to six digit numbers.

US Government grants your wishes through its numerous grants. Whether you need to complete your education, buy a new home, repair your current home or setup a business, the government has free money for you, which need not be repaid. All you have to do is apply for a grant which suits your need and win the free money.