Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Years 6 and 7

Traditional gifts for a sixth wedding anniversary include iron and candy. Gifts ideas involving iron can range from finely wrought iron statues to decorative, iron outdoor elements, like mailboxes or house numbers. For a laugh, a person could plan an at home evening of cinema involving iron theme movies, like Iron Man or The Man in the Iron Mask. A gift of candy can allow a person to become rather creative with their spouse’s favorite types of candy. He or she could even create their spouse’s favorite dessert by hand. More modern gift ideas commonly incorporate the element of wood into the theme of the gift. Small gifts of wood could include plants of bonsai or bamboo. These types of plants are hardy and easy to care for, or an individual could opt to purchase firewood. Even if one does not have a fireplace, the couple can build a campfire in their backyard to snuggle by and roast marshmallows. A gift does not have to be expensive to be meaningful. Romance does not have a price tag associated with it.

A couple’s seventh wedding anniversary is often celebrated with traditional gifts of wool or copper. Items created from copper include copper vases, mailboxes, mirrors, and even water fountains. Water features that feature copper are attractive when placed in almost any sort of décor, whether it is indoors or out of doors. Additionally, most individuals find the sound of trickling or flowing water to be quite soothing. Modern gifts associated with this particular anniversary are desk sets. These sets include items like letter openers, pen and pencil holders, letter holders, memo cases, and even globes. They can be constructed from almost any type of material, from leather to wood. A person’s choice will be determined by what materials their spouse would prefer. If a person chooses to purchase a practical gift, like a copper mailbox, he or she can make the presentation of the gift more romantic by filling the mailbox with a handwritten love letter or another small token. Creating a gift from hand, like knitting a wool scarf, can also be a thoughtful and appreciated gesture.