Why A Virtual Assistant and How to Choose the Right One

This article is directed to those of you who have all your own business ideas but need someone you can rely on specifically to handle the administrative functions of the business. Traditionally you would first think of an in-office employee and that might still be the answer. However a Virtual Assistant can often be a better alternative, and here are 5 reasons why:

1. You save money! There are no office space costs, no equipment or furniture costs, no fixed salary, no payroll taxes, no employee benefits and no sick pay or paid vacations.

2. If you are working in a limited space, a Virtual or Online Administrative Assistant will be less in your way than an office employee, and you have the opportunity for greater concentration.

3. With an office employee there is inevitably down time; an Online Administrative Assistant works for you “as-needed” and you pay only for the time actually spent on your tasks.

4. An Online Administrative Assistant, working in quiet from home, can accomplish more than an office employee, plus there is the additional benefit of often being available outside normal working hours

5. An Online Admin Assistant will generally have more wide-ranging business experience.

Choosing the RIGHT ONE is obviously key. Here are 5 suggestions:

1. Examine closely the website of every Online Admin Assistant you are considering. Most importantly its content must be extremely well written, fully informative and present a thoroughly professional image, anything less is not worth moving forward with.

2. Websites always list services offered – you don’t want to compromise, so make sure every task or project you are likely to need done is included on the list.

3. The “About Me” section on the website often provides valuable insights into the background, ethics, commitment and goals of your prospective VA.

4. Have a lengthy telephone conversation to establish that skills, personality, care and style are a fit with you, and not only that the VA answers your questions impressively but also shows initiative by asking you thoughtful questions.

5. Feeling you may have found the right Online Admin Assistant… the only way to be absolutely sure is to speak with other clients, as many as possible.

As can be viewed elsewhere on my website, my abilities and experience go well beyond administrative tasks alone, but I know that some entrepreneurs simply want the basics taken care of and I am happy to provide such services. See the testimonials on my home page – I’ll give you all the phone numbers you want for clients who will attest that I bring the same passion to the basics as to involved projects!

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